Blocking YouTube Adds

Attracting more and more users every day, YouTube develops its advertisement models and revenue methods accordingly. Yet, this causes the users to be exposed to too many ads. Well, isn’t there anything to block or turn off YouTube Ads? Of course there is, here are the ways to remove YouTube ads.

Blocking YouTube Adds

The first and the most reliable way for this is to buy YouTube Premium membership. If you buy YouTube Premium that has various payment and membership options, you can easily watch your videos without seeing any advertisements. Also, depending on the membership packages, you will get some other privileges like YouTube Music.

It is for sure that many would prefer to stay away from ads without any payment. And there are many extensions, APKs or adblockers. The most popular and useful of these is the Chrome extension Adblock. This extension does not only turn on YouTube ads but also blocks ads on all web sites including Facebook. It is also totally free. Still, most of them are open-source software. It should be remembered that these may uncover vulnerabilities regarding to the security of your system and device. Recent statistics show that millions of users around the world have used ad blockers to turn off YouTube ads. So much so that the rate is 46% worldwide. As for Turkey, it is 49%.

Youtube Premium

Turning off YouTube Adds

It is definitely annoying when an advertisement pops up in the middle of a video you are watching excitedly or a song you are listening. For this reason, most users prefer to turn off YouTube. However, it should not be forgotten that YouTube is an important medium for digital marketing. Perhaps, with the right ad filtering, you will find the product, training or opportunity you are looking for thanks to YouTube. We think that if both users and content providers like YouTube meet a common ground may bring about more efficient results. Although YouTube Premium is a solution for this to some extent, it is an undeniable fact that the brand strikes its Digital Marketing operations and revenue modelling. Therefore, it would be much more useful for both parties to offer alternatives instead of a single membership such as ads appearing only at the beginning or at the end of the video, playing the advertisement for the users within certain limits, seeing ads depending on different memberships.

In any case, YouTube is still number one in a class of its own, and it looks like it will remain that way. Let’s wait and see what changes the revenue and advertisement modelling of YouTube will bring in the future.