Corporate Promotional Film

Corporate Promotional Film

We have to admit that there is no other alternative providing higher level of interaction and excitement when compared to videos or movies today. In today’s world, where video content is preferred to written content, brands also need accurate and effective Corporate Promotional Films to promote themselves.

Corporate Promotional Film, the fastest way to explain the establishment of your brand, its achievements, important steps and its current position, whether it is short or long, should be able to explain all the values of your brand in the most effective way and inspire the audience.

Remember that you are more than your services and products. Your workplace culture, vision, team, potential should be all added. You can make many details unforgettable. The best way to explain this to your customers is to present a corporate video. Corporate Promotional Film is an effective way to make your customers realize your brand and potential.


What is a Corporate Promotional Film?

Corporate promotional film, which is the general name of video content in which your company, business or services are introduced in detail, is the most effective way to tell about you and reach your target group. If this video content is prepared properly, it will raise your brand to an important position in the digital world. The fact that 96% of internet users in Turkey watch videos, that the most searched word is YouTube, and that YouTube is the most active social media platform in Turkey, is a concrete proof of this.

It should be noted that companies are constantly developing and changing. Companies that increase their power in markets with increasing competition through Corporate Promotional Films can talk about their core values, their latest achievements, evolution over time and what has remained the same, with a taste of nostalgia and an innovative spirit.

Cost of Corporate Promotional Films

It is time to come to the question that everyone is most curious about when buying a service: “Well, how much does it cost?” Unfortunately, a clear answer cannot be given to this question without determining the expectations! Because the main factors that determine the price of shooting a Corporate Promotional Film is the length of the list of things you need and want. An accurate price can only be offered by defining the company’s expectations and the minimum requirements for a quality job.

If you are going to shoot a skyscraper, you will need a drone or professional equipment for indoor lighting. Maybe you want to rent a large or historic building to promote your brand. Voice over, editing, music many other details will cause variations. In other words, expectations and needs determine the price.


Corporate Promotional Film Shooting

Whether your goal is to create awareness about your brand or to promote your services and products, you need professional service to ensure that your film serves your goals. Today, smartphone cameras can provide high resolution and shooting quality. But what you need is not just a camera. It is not possible to shoot with the same equipment, technique and planning in every environment. The place where you run your business can be a factory, skyscraper or a farm. Naturally, very different requirements will arise in order to have a quality work with 4K Resolution Ultra HD Quality, and successful shots from all angles.

In this context, as KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, by producing the right videos that trigger the right emotions, we are telling your brand story in the most effective, interesting and permanent way. Remember, to see is to believe! For this reason, if you want to make yourself visible and have a successful Corporate Promotional Film, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why is Corporate Promotional Film Important?

  • You can introduce your brand to your customers quickly and effectively.
  • You can provide institutional integrity.
  • Your brand’s name, brand values and services will be more memorable.
  • You can create an effective image at meetings, conferences or events.
  • You can create a remarkable brand profile that is open to innovation.
  • You have the opportunity to promote your brand in the best way in digital media.
  • You can appeal to large audiences.
  • With the opportunity to introduce yourself in digital channels, you can open new income and investment channels for your company.