Digital Marketing is a concept that has been included in trade methods and trade terminology in recent times when the internet and technology have penetrated every cell of our body. Digital platforms, which are gaining more and more importance in the world day by day and which both brands and consumers are becoming more preferred, enable the development of digital markets and the competition in these markets to increase at the same rate. Digital markets and digital marketing, where a product or service can be found much more easily, alternatives can be searched and user habits are changing in a positive way, naturally require much more professional management, design and communication. In Digital Marketing, brands can choose many different platforms and forms of communication to reach target audiences. However, with so many options and the newly spreading Digital Marketing habits, many people and brands continue to be carried out in the wrong way, and with the wrong Digital Marketing Strategies, they consume both their brand image and their budgets in vain. So, what is this “Digital Marketing”? First, let’s explain this and then let’s talk about what you can do for your brand in this field.


What is Digital Marketing?

In its most basic and simple form, Digital Marketing is the promotion and sale of products and services on digital platforms such as computers, mobile phones and all digital media. The difference of Digital Marketing, which is done on these platforms, including the Internet and all digital technologies with an online base, from classical marketing is the competitive environment, i.e. the marketplace. Of course, this is not the only difference, it cannot and should not be! However, we will talk about the differences and what to do or not to do in the rest of our article.

Digital Marketing Methods

There are many methods that brands can use in this environment where digital products are served digitally in digital environments. In the most general form, Digital Marketing can be done with the following options;

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing), (Google Ads, Display Network, Video Ads, etc. all Google advertising models are included in this category)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • Mailing (E-Mail),
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Mobile Marketing,
  • Influencer Marketing,
  • Remarketing (Retargeting),
  • Affiliate Marketing

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We will not deviate from our main topic by explaining the titles one by one. However, if you want to get more detailed information about all marketing methods, you can check the “Digital Marketing Services” section in the Our Services tab.


Digital Marketing Tactics

After learning what Digital Marketing is and listing the Digital Marketing methods, let’s come to the most important part. What can be done in the name of Digital Marketing and how should it be done for an effective result?

Accept the difference of the digital world!

First of all, brand managers need to understand and accept that Digital Marketing methods are different from classical marketing methods. You may be a legend in face-to-face trade, but in the end, you are in a digital environment and you have to provide services by acting without seeing people’s faces and hearing their voices. (This article is written especially for business owners and bosses with old commercial habits).


Your technical infrastructure must be perfect!

No matter which platform you do Digital Marketing on, the digital world is a whole and if even one of its legs is missing, it is inevitable to have problems. So, what should be done in this sense? First of all, no matter which platform you market from, you need a modern website that promotes your brand in the best way and creates a reliable image. Many people will now say, “I will only market products on Instagram, why do I need a website now?” (The community in the above article is back again ???? ) It is not possible to explain this necessity briefly, because we cannot explain the benefits of an effective website in such a short way. However, it must be said that if you do not have an infrastructure that promotes your brand and you well, your credibility and interaction will always be weak. With your change, people may see you on Instagram, find you and maybe shop. In fact, selling on Instagram is perhaps the right move for your brand. But this will only save the day, and that’s a possibility! At the end of the day, users will visit your website to get more information about you, to see your product range, to get information about what you do. Think about it, can you show all your products with an effective website or in an environment lost in posts? Don’t get me wrong, of course you will put products on Instagram and promote them. In addition, a fast and practical website is a must for effective methods such as SEM, SEO, Remarketing, which are other Digital Marketing methods. To summarize

  • Without a website you will lose money.
  • Without a website, you will not be able to experience other Digital Marketing methods.
  • If your website is late, you will lose customers.
  • You will lose money if your website is complicated and useless.
  • If your website misrepresents or misrepresents you, you lose prestige.
  • If you don’t have a website, you lose trust.


Be on relevant platforms!

One of the most common problems is confusing digital marketing with brand promotion. It should be known that not every brand has to advertise on every platform! In fact, they should not do so in order to avoid financial loss! Be on all social media and digital platforms, but don’t expect to get results from all of them. On average, LinkedIn brings 43% of customers to businesses, while this rate is 37% on Twitter. You should analyze the sector you serve, whether this type of service is local or in large service areas, the target audience profile you serve, and follow strategies in line with these.


SEO is the new trend of the digital world!

No matter what, no one can promote you better than you. SEO is one of the best ways to achieve this. SEO, which is the marketing method that will work best in the medium and long term, is much more permanent and effective than other marketing methods. Doing SEO both contributes to digital marketing and reinforces your brand’s awareness and place in the digital world.


Make your brand known!

Just as not everyone who comes to the store buys a product, this is also the case in the digital world. However, do not forget that all these visits are either your advertisement or your sales in the long run, just like in stores. This is also the system in Digital Marketing. Not everyone who sees your ad will buy a product, but they will have information about your brand. For this reason, use advertisements even outside of big campaigns. Even if your budget is not too much, allocate regular marketing budgets and make your brand awareness permanent.

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Prioritize communication!

This is actually a parallel point to the one above. Just as your face-to-face communication with people who come to your store in real life makes them decide whether or not to visit you later, the same system applies in digital marketing. Always speak warmly and levelly. Remember that your customers are in a virtual environment and can push you. Do not ignore that your behavior will affect you in the future.


Make your posts continuous!

Apart from advertisements, give your customers reasons to follow you. Make your posts effective, informative and intriguing. As hard as it is to get people to follow you on social platforms, it is just as easy to unfollow them.

Digital Marketing Agency

Within the scope of all these details and requirements mentioned above, of course, it is inevitable for brands to receive professional services. At this point, as KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, we come into play and manage your brand in the best way in Digital Markets, we offer you and your brand professional Digital Marketing Services on all digital platforms by building the most appropriate strategies. We never do this with ossified strategies and methods! We create a strategy by taking into account many details from the sector your brand is in to the audience it addresses, from market distribution to budget requirements. If you want to get professional Digital Marketing Services for your brand with a team that knows its job, you can contact us.