e-Commerce SEO Services

e-Commerce SEO Services

SEO, the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, can be defined as a digital marketing service that allows it to rank higher organically in search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing, while users search for the services or products you offer. As KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, we provide SEO services in a professional and target-oriented manner in both SEO and e-Commerce infrastructures.

What is eCommerce SEO?

e-Commerce SEO studies are rapidly becoming popular nowadays. e-Commerce Search Engine Optimization studies cover basic SEO and e-Commerce SEO works on the relevant e-Commerce site. Thanks to these studies, the services or products offered by an e-Commerce site can stand out among their competitors in an organic way, ranking higher in search engines.

The main goal of SEO in e-commerce sites is to increase the turnover of the relevant site by making more sales of the website, rather than increasing the website traffic.

How to Do SEO for e-Commerce Sites?

You own an eCommerce website. You have the advantage of the quality and price of your products. But only you know this. Of course, if you are a traditional trader, your current customers are aware of this. However, no matter what situation you are in, it is inevitable that your current or potential customers will meet your competitors if your competitors are doing SEO or other digital marketing work in the internet world. In this context, it is important for you to make this investment regularly and continuously for your brand. Of course, there are some points to be considered while doing SEO, that is, search engine optimization studies. In this context, the following services are offered to you as KREBAZ Digital Advertising Agency.

  1. Taking the User Experience to the Top Level: This is one of the most important steps for an e-Commerce website. In order for the user experience to be at a high level, UX and UI processes must be optimized first. At this stage, the availability of tools including the following, which make the website more useful, is very important moving user experience to the next level:
    1. Correctly positioned buttons,
    2. The intelligibility of the areas where the message is given,,
    3. Intelligibility and usefulness of ordering steps,
    4. Easy membership steps,
    5. Correctly categorized products,
    6. Advanced filtering modules,
    7. Product sorting buttons used within certain criteria,
    8. Price drop notification module,
    9. Campaign modules.

The purpose is to ensure the purchase conversion of the users visiting the site.

  1. Website Speed and Optimization: Not only for an e-Commerce website, but also for any website, users want to experience the website quickly. Just think: the user has entered your website and is looking for a product to buy. However, your website is not fully displayed in the browser even 10 seconds after the user logs in to the site. Do you think this will convert the user experience into sales? There is an 80% probability that the answer to this question will be “no”. If you want to transform this “no” to a “yes”, your website must be at maximum speed within the standards set by Google. Websites that do not open quickly lose value and reputation both in the eyes of search engines like Google and in the eyes of users. By cooperating with KREABAZ, you can optimize your website speed and move on to other steps.
  2. Website Security: While security problems harm your customers’ perception of reliable shopping, they can also cause theft of customer information by third parties. There are many methods to avoid these potential problems. In this context, FIREWALL, which protects e-commerce sites against attacks, keeps the traffic flow in the network under control, provides IP, port, web and content filtering, 3D SECURE PAYMENT that provides the double-stage payment process, SSL that ensures the transfer of information only to the target person are the main infrastructure of reliable e-Commerce Software.
  3. Product Diversity: A new e-Commerce site is launched every single day. This means hundreds of products and alternatives. Offering alternative products and services under different platforms both increases competition and strengthens users’ cross-product purchases. If you do not have a boutique product range or service list, the diversity of the products or services you offer is very important for the user. To give an example, you are selling in the fashion industry. You have to adapt to the changing fashion trends every year. This is of course not an easy process. However, it is very important not to forget that users have this expectation and to determine your position in the following years accordingly. If a user who regularly follows your site sees the same phrases and products every time he or she visits, he or she may prefer to review your competitor’s website the next time.
  4. Inventory Monitoring: Inventory monitoring takes your target group on a long-term journey with you, and it also creates “Brand Perception”. Of course, it can be difficult for a website with tens of categories and hundreds of products to constantly keep an inventory of every product. However, you can make this an advantage for your brand and make your customers more satisfied. You can increase your conversion rates by keeping communication with your customers with modules such as “Notify When Available” or “You May Also Like This” within the e-Commerce website.
  5. Attractive Offers: In both traditional commerce and e-commerce, campaigns are indispensable for users. These campaigns are steps that will mobilize your target group for a special day like Mother’s Day or a regular day. Here are the things to be considered:
    1. Making the campaign visible on the website,
    2. Making the user feel that the campaign is really important,
    3. Choosing a simple and correct discourse,
    4. Choosing clear campaign visuals,
    5. Announcing your campaign in different digital marketing channels when necessary,
    6. Using social media platforms. You can get support from KRABAZ Digital Advertising Agency in the determination and implementation of these steps.
  1. Quality of Product Images: e-Commerce users cannot directly hold or see the product like traditional trade customers. Here, you can provide the closest feeling with the product images you offer. The important thing is that the preferred images are the same as the product you sell and that they have the features you have promised for the product. When the user visits to the relevant e-Commerce site, he or she first tries to recognize and understand the product from the visuals. With the quality of your product images, you can move this process to the purchasing step much faster.
  2. Use of Product Videos: For some products, only photos or 3D renders are not enough. You can ensure that the product you sell is more understandable and acceptable to the user with a video of use, a video of durability, and short videos that reflect its technological strength. KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency provides professional support in both photo and video shooting.
  3. Competitor Analysis: Competitor analysis is a process that both the trader and consumers perform. At least it should be. Analyse what your competitors are doing right or wrong when doing SEO, or search engine optimization, on e-commerce sites. Analyse the processes by considering yourself as a user and shopping from your competitors who have a large share in the market. Look for answers to questions such as “What kind of product images are preferred?”, “Which purchasing processes take place?” or “Which keywords it ranks with?” Of course, by getting professional support, you can ensure that these processes are analysed more accurately.
  4. Detailed Product Descriptions: Original and powerful content, which is the backbone of SEO – Search Engine Optimization studies, enables your e-Commerce site to be positioned faster and stronger in search engines. This process is not something that can happen all at once. However, do not forget that rich content prepared for your categories and products will positively affect your target turnover. While the content is being prepared, you or your team will, and should, be involved in this process. However, you can get professional SEO support and make your search engine optimization processes stronger and permanent.
  5. Keyword Analysis: Keyword preference is very important in search engine optimization. With wrong keyword choices, you stay away from meeting the right target group. We recommend that you get support from a team of experts while advancing here, since this process is both a technical one in which different tools are used, and a service that requires time. Perform your keyword analysis more accurately and target-oriented with KREABAZ.
  6. Consistent and Transparent Brand Perception: Always remember there are alternatives to you. You can get ahead of a company that does other technical work with the right and quality brand perception. Always stand behind the products and services you offer. Thinking that you have made the sale and the rest is not your business will inevitably cause losing customers. It is useful to be clear about what your product or service covers and what it offers.
  7. Use of Product Comment Systems: In e-Commerce sites, the contribution of product comment systems to SEO services is quite important. The comments made for the relevant product have a direct impact on technical SEO studies. With each comment made, the number of words used on the product page increases, thus increasing the number of words related to your product. Google recommends at least 300 words of text on each page of the relevant website. In this way, the number of words increases and Google finds your content sufficient, making it easier for you to rank higher in Google.
  8. Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console: These two tools are indispensable tools of SEO services. They are both free and essential for accurate analysis. It is almost impossible for websites that do not already have Google Analytics and Google Search Console records to progress in SEO. With these tools, you can increase your conversion rates by having warnings and data on many items such as the group visiting your site, usage times, demographic information, or technical errors made on your website. However, it should be noted that if these tools are installed and used by a professional team, the benefits they provide will grow accordingly.
  9. Continuous and Regular Communication: Never see your customers as a cakewalk. This approach can break their trust and make them feel worthless. Remember them with different discourses and messages on their birthdays and special days. It is important whether you are setting up a campaign or celebrating a day. Make them feel that every customer is special to you. This can both increase your sales and make the user-brand relationship stronger. You can have important returns in this area by getting professional support from KREABAZ.
  10. Secure e-Commerce Systems: Trust is not a thing that is built only by words. The perception of trust that is meant here is the guarantee given for the prevention of unauthorized access to the credit card, personal and other information of users shopping on the e-Commerce site, and that such information will be kept and used only to the extent permitted by the user.
  11. Use of Social Media Tools: The traffic coming from social media tools is too large to be ignored while doing search engine optimization. All social media channels that are right for you and your brand should be used, both in terms of the links you will give for your e-Commerce pages and in terms of future traffic. By doing this, you will not only increase your rankings in search engines, but also increase your awareness on social media platforms. At this stage, you can benefit from KRABAZ Digital Advertising Agency Services.

e-Commerce SEO Services

Why Is SEO Important in E-Commerce?

Today, buying habits of users are constantly changing. With this change, the rise of search engines such as Google and, accordingly, the rise of your search results becomes of great importance. Before making a purchase, users make their preferences for products or services based on the results they receive in search engines, with a rate higher than 90%. In this process, it is very important that you benefit from many digital marketing services, especially SEO, or search engine optimization, in order to reach the conversion rates you target for your brand, product or services. In this context, you can contact us to benefit from the professional SEO services offered by KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency.