Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

Google Adwords Ads

Google, the world’s most powerful search engine, is now in the position of a channel where the relevant process begins and perhaps becomes clear in many subjects such as purchasing, obtaining information, price research, decision making, research, homework, and content creation. There is no single during which we do not mention Google. While talking to each other, presenting somewhere, recommending a product to a friend, or gossiping, we always use the word Google. This high rate of use also shows us how powerful Google is.

Until 10 years ago, we were using different channels such as newspapers, television, acquaintances and neighbours for the same processes, while we prefer Google today. Brands and companies that have realized this relocation have started to look for ways to rank higher in Google in order to influence decision-making processes and gain profit.

We will talk about what should be done on Google Ads, which is the easiest way of achieving this, and the services KREABAZ can provide for you in this respect.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid and online digital advertising service offered by Google. It is a platform where businesses or people who advertise on Google Ads are brought together with people who are interested in their target groups, conversion types, products or services they offer, for a certain fee.

Google AdWords, with its new name Ads, entered our lives in the early 2000s and it has changed the purchasing and decision-making processes quite strongly and radically. With this change, the advertising systems of businesses that want to promote their goods and services have also evolved. The opportunity to advertise with both measurable and smaller budgets also enabled Google Adwords to grow very quickly. In direct proportion to this growth, it managed to grab more shares from the annual advertising budgets of businesses.

How Do Google Ads Work?

The basic functioning principle of Google Ads is to bring the right user and the right service or product together. Within this matching, Google aims to bring together users who are looking for products or services similar to those of the businesses using the Google Ads platform. It can do this with the results listed on a visual ad or search engine. If the user, who encounters a banner design or listed search results, clicks on the results given in the advertisement areas, a certain amount is deducted from the budget allocated by the business for the advertisement. In the next step, if a conversion goal has been set, another deduction can be made within this conversion goal. We will explain the conversion issue in more detail later.

Google Ads Advertisement Types

There is a suitable ad model for every business type and product type on Google Ads. Within this diversity and purposes, there are basically 4 advertising models in Google Ads, listed as follows:

  • Search network ads,
  • Display ads network,
  • Video ads,
  • Application ads.

Google Ads Management

Search Network Ads: When a search is made on Google, hundreds of results appear according to the circumstances and the searched word. The list provides both paid and organic results. Listed at the very beginning and end of the page, highlighted with a more specific font and with different content, are paid ads given through Google Ads. These results are also marked with an advertising tag to prevent unfair competition. When these ads are clicked on, directions are received through these ads or the phone number is called, a certain fee is collected.

Display Ads Network: According to the information provided by Google, the display ads network is an ad group consisting of more than 2 million websites and video applications. With this network, 90% of internet users worldwide can be reached and access is provided to special banner advertising areas that can be displayed for target groups.

It is designed to help find the right target group. With different breakdown and targeting options, the message you want to convey meets your potential customers in the most strategic way, at the right place and time.
However, you can retarget your previous visitors through Remarketing lists.

With Google Display Network, you can both mobilise lower budgets at lower costs and create greater brand awareness for your relevant target group.

Video Ads: Google Video Ads are also placed using the Google Ads Panel. There are basically two types of use here. The first is the banner designs that appear in the videos or the introduction of your own video content. Banner images prepared within certain criteria can be included in targeted Youtube videos, video channels and videos that different target groups are interested in. In a way, you can think of them like the banner ads we see on television. We can define it as images that appear periodically on Youtube or on websites where videos are placed. The only difference here is that these ads can be turned off by the viewer if desired. This ad model basically works like the Display Network with a similar targeting.

You can learn more about video ads on the Create Youtube Ads page.

Application Ads: Mobile applications included in the Google search network work with the same logic with the websites that are members of this network. The application included in the network allows advertisements to be shown in areas determined by the application owner within certain criteria. These ads can be banner ads requiring a video to be watched to earn points in a game, or act like a banner. The advertiser also adjusts its costs according to the view or click numbers based on the variables.

What to Consider When Using Google Ads

There are some elements to consider when using Google Ad Networks, listed as follows:

  • When using Google ads, we strongly recommend that you seek support from a team of experts if you have not received training on the subject. In this way, you will ensure that your budgets are used more reasonably and that your ads are more effective
  • Considerable attention should also be paid to issues such as account setup, placement of conversion and remarketing codes, and correct linking of Google Analytics and other helpful tools.
  • The budget should be determined in the most accurate way when advertising. We never want budgets to be wasted.
  • Setting goals is one of the keys to success. Will the ads used for an e-Commerce site or a news site? Although it may not seem very different at first, the main issue is to position the website correctly.
  • Keyword analyses should not be done randomly and keywords should be determined by using auxiliary tools if necessary.
  • Target is CONVERSION! What is our conversion goal? Purchases, page views, or downloads… Whatever the conversion goals, technical arrangements must be made correctly.
  • It should be determined whether the relevant page in the website that the user will visit after clicking on the ad meets the needs of the user group, whether the page opens quickly, whether the elements such as forms that will realize the conversion are correctly positioned, and necessary changes should be made accordingly.
  • According to KREABAZ, display and search ads should be used simultaneously. This is a factor that increases the success rate.
  • It is very important to analyse the reports correctly. These analyses will guide you for your next advertising campaign.
  • Location targeting should be done in the most appropriate way to avoid wasting budgets. Showing advertisements to a group that we cannot deliver products or services to would not be the best thing to do.

Google Ads Management

Functioning Principle of Google Ads

Google Ads basically works with the principle “you get what you pay for”. Of course, it is not enough to allocate the highest budget to advertisements alone. The process is carried out through the above-mentioned and many other details.

We have a name for Google Adwords: “THE WORD EXCHANGE”. You can think of this structure as papers traded in the stock market or exchange rates. Those who are interested in the stock market or foreign exchange know the process, which works almost in the same way for Google Ads, as the ability to make quick decisions and accurate analysis during these processes is important. If you have a budget of 100 units, it should be decided whether this budget will be used in the search or display network, which groups or devices will be allocated more budget, for which groups the allocated budget will be divided, and so on depending on many variables.

If you do not want your budget to be wasted, you should not think that it will be enough to place ads wait for the customers. This is a process of both patience and effort. In order for your ads to be properly optimized, it is necessary to spend time on this process every day.

Why Google Ads?

The question “Why Google Adwords” has two basic answers. The first is that it is measurable, and the second is that the budget/conversion ratio is higher than other channels. Of course, for some brands and companies, other channels such as outdoor advertising, the use of printed materials, television and radio may also be beneficial. However, with the budgets allocated for advertising always being limited, digital advertising projects are preferred more and more in order to keep the targets and analyse them.

The main goal of every advertiser is to get positive results with the budget spent. In order to achieve these targets and use the budgets correctly, KREABAZ provides the most transparent and optimum services to both its current and potential customers with its experience of more than 15 years. To benefit from these services, simply contact us.