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Google, which allows us to find almost everything we are looking for on the internet, supports us in all kinds of areas with different advertising models. Perhaps the most widely used and encountered Google Search Ads are therefore of great importance for both browser users and advertisers.

Google Search Ads, which are highly effective and target-oriented like the Google Display Network, are one of the most common and effective methods of advertising on the internet. This type of advertising offered by Google appears on users’ search engine results pages (SERPs) and tabs. When users perform a search on Google, they may see these ads marked with the word “Ad”. These ads reach target audiences in text format and attract users’ attention.

Google positions ads according to brands’ bidding strategies and ad quality scores. In addition, factors such as landing page experience and user search intent also affect ad rankings. On search results pages, a variety of ads can appear above and below the fold, as well as in the sections for maps, shopping and apps. Changing search terms can also change the ads that appear on the search results page. For example, if you search for “gift”, you will see ads related to this keyword. However, if the search term changes to “Istanbul gift”, you may see different ads on the results page. Google determines the positioning of ads based on metrics such as which keywords the ads target, the compatibility of the ads with websites, and the change in bid prices.

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Google Search Ads Models

Google Search Ads Types include various models offered by Google, one of the most effective methods of advertising on the internet. These models are categorized under 3 headings;

– Text Ads, Responsive Search Ads, Dynamic Search Ads and Phone Call Generating Ads Only

– Shopping Ads

– Image and Video Ads


Text Ads

It is the most basic advertising model on the Search Network. It interacts with users only through text and appears directly on the search results pages. These ads appear at the top, with the ones that best fit the criteria set by Google, and are marked with the phrase “Ad”.

Responsive Search Ads

It’s a type of automated bid from Google. It tries different combinations of your ads to determine the best-performing one, resulting in the most conversions for your purpose.

Dynamic Search Ads

It is an efficient type of advertising that allows you to reach your target audience easily. Google crawls your relevant site and generates your ads by ranking target keywords. This ad model happens automatically and is especially ideal for large e-commerce and service sites.

Ads Generating Phone Calls Only

It is used to encourage users to make a phone call. When users click on the ad, they are taken directly to the search field of their phone. This type of ad is only available for mobile devices and is ideal for businesses that work for specific locations.

Shopping Ads

This type of ad is ideal for e-commerce sites to promote products for sale and drive traffic to your website. You submit your product information to Google and you will appear in Google search results with information such as the product name, price, photo and your website address. When your potential customers search for their products, your ads are shown directly, and this way you engage directly with your customers. This advertising model is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Shopping ads work by auctioning groups and categories of products, do not target specific keywords and do not contain ad copy. You only need to identify the products to be featured. This way, you can increase the visibility of your products and attract potential customers to buy from you.

Image and Video Ads

These are visual advertisements displayed on the websites of Search Network partners. Such advertisements provide a more visually appealing presentation of products or services and attract the attention of users. Visual ads can be used to more effectively communicate the features and benefits of products or services.


This variety and diversity of Google Search Ads makes Google Ads effective and useful.

How to Place Search Ads?

As with all Google Ads, let us remind you that you must first have a Google account for Search Ads. Now let’s take a look at “How to Place Search Ads” together.

  1. Enter your Google Ads account. Click on the Campaigns tab. Then select the New Campaign option by clicking on the + icon.
  2. Set your advertising goals and select Search as the Campaign Type.
  3. Select the results you want to get from the campaign, for example website visits, phone calls or app downloads.
  4.  Give your Campaign a name and set Campaign start and end dates. Choose the locations where your ads will be shown and the languages spoken by the users you will target.
  5. Set your daily budget and choose your bidding strategy. If you have specific time slots you want your ads to run, add a time slot using the ad schedule option (optional).
  6. Add ad extensions, for example sitelinks, description texts, phone extensions, etc. Ad extensions are important for the performance of your ads, so don’t skip this step when creating your campaign.
  7. Select the ad group type, standard or dynamic. If you want to create a keyword-oriented campaign, go with standard.
  8. Finally, create your first ad and submit your campaign for review. By following these steps you can successfully create your Google Ads campaign.

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