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How Does KREABAZ Work?

We act on the idea that, “without any missing part, the other parts are deficient”. For this reason, we follow the innovations and development not only in our industry, but in all industries in line with the Digital Advertising Agency ideas and strategies to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world and we adapt the brands we work with to the same pace.

It listens
Every single industry and company is a unique world. Just like every unique world, every single industry forms its specific ecosystem. When we start a journey together with you, we firstly explore these worlds. We catch the details that would allow you to stand out by listening to you carefully, observing you and adapting to you.
It Combs Through
After determining necessary criteria, we research about what can be done for your industry and brand. We put anything that can be done in our pool of ideas and strive to reach a wide perspective by collecting and making up different ideas as much as possible.
It Contemplates
We put on the table all ideas and research results and decide the most suitable options for your brand. We develop strategies for the brand and reveal alternative solutions. Instead of applying the same solution to all brands, we create a completely new solution strategy for every single brand.
It Envisages
After conducting necessary research and establishing the long-term strategy, we frame the decided services and solutions in a certain schedule. We envisage the timing and content of each step and carefully observe the impacts of the decisions taken.
It Checks
We act as the judge of our work before getting into the stage of approval. As the fiercest critics, we analyse our works in detail and we check the extent to which we could materialize our experiences and fulfil our expectations and desires in every single project ewe carry out.
It Implements
In this last stage of work, everything is ready for smooth and flawless delivery. Projects are implemented only after all necessary investigations, evaluations and approvals are obtained. A completely new project starts off from our factory of ideas, bearing the signature of KREABAZ.

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