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Influencer Marketing

With the increasing rates of social media use and the creative ideas that come with it, we have started to hear the concepts of “phenomenon” and “influencer” frequently these days. In literal terms, the concept of “phenomenon” is used for things that can be perceived by the senses (perceptual-intuitive), while the term influencer is described as an internet celebrity or micro celebrity. However, these two concepts are used for the same concept nowadays, especially in social media, as “social media celebrity”.

Influencers with high influence in the digital world become the authority in the sector they are in with the number of followers and the access rate they have. These people, who can influence the purchasing decisions ofothers, can have a say in the product choices of their followers. As such, the concept of Influencer brings a new marketing and advertising model called “Influencer Marketing”.

Influencers, whose influence rate has increased with platforms such as YouTube and IGTV, where long-term shares can be supported, become content producers whose shares are eagerly awaited.

What Is an Influencer Ad?

is quite normal for the advertising models to change constantly. Social media, with its different advertising models, has recently been filled with Influencer advertising models and campaigns. So, what is Influencer Advertising? It can be defined in its most general form as “people with large number of followers on social media channels, promoting products of brands to their followers in different ways”.

These micro celebrities, which we all follow and affect many things from our behaviours to our shopping habits, also offer a new door and method in digital marketing. Influencers, who stand out with their blog pages, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels and other media, can provide a comprehensive range of services from recipes to jewellery, make-up products and technology raffles.

Influencer Marketing

How is Influencer Marketing Done?

As in every marketing work, many important details and expert knowledge are required in Influencer Marketing. To think that “I gave the money, so it is enough if the influencer introduces my product” is the most unsuccessful way of action in this field. Influencer Marketing, one of the most effective marketing methods of recent times, provides great opportunities and gains, if done correctly.

Of course, this does not mean that every promotion, every product or explanation mentioned is correct. The important thing here is to be in contact with the right Influencers in the social media and internet, where there is huge information pollution. So, what should be done for an effective Influencer Marketing?

  • “Avoid who is“ Famous for Every Product”

    First of all, it should be avoided to work with Influencers who try to stand out with every type of products. The credibility of an Influencer showing face in every sector would be questioned, posing a risk for the effective and correct promotion of your product.

  • The Right Influencer for the Right Product

    Of course, like every human being, Influencers have multiple areas of interests and experiences. Even these areas of interest can have many sub-branches. The important thing here is that the Influencer has the competence on the subject. For example, an influencer promoting a diaper product can also introduce cutting tools if he or she has interest and knowledge on the subject. Similarly, everyone has some knowledge about household goods. However, for example, it would not be wise to choose an Influencer who has not travelled abroad in an Influencer Marketing related to international holiday.

  • Not Everyone Can Be Included in Your Target Group!

    What applies to all marketing strategies also applies to Influencer Marketing. Making the right analysis of your target group and choosing the right methods to reach this target group will increase the marketing success of your product at that rate. Identifying your target audience correctly with questions such as “Do you appeal to the ‘X’, ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ generation?”, “What is the gender of the target group?” can change everything from the influencer you choose to the product features you will offer, which will directly affect your advertising success.

  • Create a Strategy Based on User Habits

    Like the “correct target group analysis” we mentioned above, another issue that needs to be analysed correctly is your product. To provide correct answers to many questions including, “Which feature of your product will stand out?”, “How will you describe it?”, “Do you want a short promotional post or a long, detailed product presentation?” will have an effect on your success. If you think that it will be enough to just give the product to the Influencer for being praised, you are recommended not to use this channel. If you have chosen the right target group, you will be dealing with people who are knowledgeable about the subject and you will never be able to impress them with superficial information!

  • A Micro Influencer or a Macro Influencer?

    One of the most crucial points about Influencer Marketing is how your Influencer strategy will be. The most important factor here, of course, is the size of the advertising budget? Of course, the reach and effectiveness rate that macro celebrities provide are much higher when compared to a micro influencer. However, it should be noted that your budget will increase accordingly. However, this question, which creates significant budget variations, will also determine the future recognition and effectiveness of your product. You should keep in mind that you can harm your brand with ineffective and wrong Influencer selection and promotion. For this reason, it is useful to get support from experts when creating your strategy, where KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency is on your side. Please contact us for more information.