Considering that there are 1 billion Instagram users worldwide as of 2020, the importance of advertising on this platform is becoming clearer. With this number of users, Instagram is the 3rd most popular social media application worldwide and the number of users in our country is 38 million. With an increase of 2.7% compared to 2019 (this rate means the addition of more than 1 million people in 1 year), this platform is becoming an even more valuable medium every year. Let’s see what are the details of advertising on Instagram, where there are so many people?


Instagram Ads Prices?

Let’s start the details of our article by clarifying the most searched topic about Instagram “How Much Are Instagram Ads?”. In fact, we have explained this issue in another article, Facebook Ads. Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, is an extremely flexible platform in terms of budget, just like Facebook. You determine your advertising budget and reach a potential reach number in line with the targeting created. In this sense, as KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, we support you to make your brand stand out on Instagram and earn profit in line with your target purpose.


How to Place Instagram Ads?

In the most basic way, advertising on Instagram is possible in two ways. The first of these is to advertise through the Instagram application, a process that every user can easily do. With this option, you can advertise in 3 steps.

1) Which page will be directed to the people who will see your ad through your selected image,

2) Setting up your advertising target audience

3) Adjusting your advertising budget settings

The second method is to use Business Manager, Facebook’s advertising and page management platform. Of course, this panel provides a much more effective and complicated advertising setup. Because many different settings are made through Business Manager. We will explain this at length in another article, but basically the following details stand out when placing Instagram ads from Business Manager.

1) Catalogs

2) Pixels

3) Offline Event Sets

4) Special Transformations

5) Event Source Groups

6) Target Audience Sharing

There are of course big differences between the two, but basically they serve the same purpose.  The important point here is to create the right targeting and prepare a remarkable image or video while advertising. If you want to highlight your brand on Instagram, you can contact us.


Instagram Ads Management

As mentioned above, advertising is a simple process that anyone can do somehow. An ad can be created very successfully, but if the right target audience or visual is not selected, a wrong expression is used, or if the ad is not followed up, that success can turn into a big disappointment.


Things to Consider in Instagram Ads!

The following steps are of great importance for the correct management of the advertising process on Instagram;

1)           What is the purpose of advertising (sales, brand awareness or announcement)?

2)           Who is the target audience of the advertisement (B2B, B2C or general?)

3)           How much is the advertising budget?

4)           Is the advertisement time right? (Are there any events such as war, elections, etc. on the agenda?)

5)           Is your communication with your target audience and potential customers fast?

6)           Analyze, check and revise your ad if necessary.

As KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, we offer you professional service for all these processes.