Landing Page and One Page Design

Landing Page and One Page Design

What Is Landing Page Design?

Landing Page Web Design is the “Arrival Page” or “Landing Page” in its simplest definition. Landing Page designs are generally summary introduction pages where users are directed and met when any advertising campaign is clicked on the internet. Landing page designs usually provide simple but fast access to the content, product or information that users want to access. Landing page designs usually serve just one or two purposes, as the purpose is to access quick and summary information. In this way, users get targeted access without being overwhelmed with content.

Various elements such as side bars, main menus, general sliders, and targeted off-topic contents are not included in this type of design. Since is serves just one or two purposes, the user and the target are tried to be brought together in the shortest and fastest way.

How Is a Landing Page Prepared?

The user who encounters the Landing Page will definitely experience an action. This action can serve various purposes such as filling out a form, watching a video, pointing out campaign details, and directing to sales quickly. The main element that is basically targeted in landing page designs is to provide “Conversion”.

Examples of conversion can be specified as the processes of obtaining the contact information of potential customers of a construction project, completing the shopping phase as a result of the discount offered within the digital advertising campaign prepared for a product, or recruiting a user to a blog page. The aim is to measure the conversion result. When a form is filled out or a purchase is finalized, the measurement metrics are ensured to be active by use of an analytical program.

Buttons, slogans, messages and other elements that will activate the user should be used correctly and effectively for the targeted conversion and group. As explained above, the aim is to make the conversion happen quickly and effectively.

How to Design a Landing Page?

Landing Page designs can be evaluated within the scope of 4 items detailed below.

  1. Landing Page Design: The first thing to consider when preparing a Landing Page design is to remember that there is no single template for every conversion. This means that no single template can be used for every purpose, every goal, or every conversion. Landing page design used to promote a product should not be used for a campaign aiming to fill out a form. Since this type of template design approach will prevent the effective procession of the created campaign, it will also cause the allocated budget to be wasted. The important thing is to decide the design language that will help your target group most.
  2. Messages and Triggering Actions: With the right landing page design aimed at conversion, it is very important to give and use the messages correctly to the user in order to trigger the action of the user and ensure conversion. As to use the message “download now” would be wrong for a form-filling conversion, a message “fill out the form now” would be just as inadequate and repulsive. A properly designed landing page will be successful only to the extent the right phrases it has. Phrases created with the right approaches will also optimize future REMARKETING budgets.
  3. A/B Testing Applications: Developments in the internet environment also enable target groups to be more selective. In line with this selective approach, it is observed that the design language and discourse used in landing page designs bring diversity. While A/B testing is done for campaigns in some cases, the diversity mentioned above requires A/B testing on landing page designs in other cases. With the elimination of this need, the correct design and wording can be determined easier. In this way, “Which Design?” and “Which Discourse?” questions can be answered.
  4. Page Speed ​​Optimization: Everything is fine, the landing page design has been finalized and our phrases meet our conversion goal. But we are not done yet. After the first three stages are completed, to provide a fast the landing page design, which we welcome the user, ensures the most efficient use of the campaign cost, effort and time. The decision of the users to stay on a web page depends on the opening of the page in just 3 to 5 seconds. Just think: The user comes to your landing page and the relevant page does not open or opens too late. What would be your user/conversion rate, even if you have provided the most optimal design and discourse? In order for the answer to this question to be at a satisfactory level from the point of your goals, it is needed to keep in mind optimization.

Landing Page and One Page Design

What Is a One Page Design?

One Page Design is a way of presenting much content on a single link or page, in a smaller scale. This designs approach is generally not suitable for large-scale websites with long lines of content. The aim here is to explain the content on a single page without tiring the user with many unnecessary words.

Benefits of One Page Design

  • Single page design is both adequate and low-cost website solutions for many SMEs.
  • It is quite suitable for structures that do not have sufficient visual or textual content. You can enable your users to reach the content they are looking for in a single tidy page instead of wandering around empty or missing pages unnecessarily.
  • Decision-making time of users can be shortened thanks to the content given on a single page.
  • As landing page designs, one page designs can be preferred to increase the rate of conversion in actions such as filling out forms, adding to the basket, and becoming a member.
  • It can be used to tell the story to the user in the fastest and shortest way possible.
  • Thanks to the developing web technologies, you can provide a visual feast to your users by using new technologies such as paralax page layout.
  • Your web page can be opened faster, meeting your target group in a shorter time.
  • One page designs can be made with multi-page structures and they can serve various purposes such as product sales, blog news content presentation, member recruitment, and form filling.
  • Since it is much more similar to mobile applications, it can take mobile usage experiences to higher levels.

We would also like to state that the steps we have described above are an integral part of every work done by KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, as your goals are considered as KREABAZ’s own goals.