Logo Intro Animation

Logo Intro

Logo Intro is the integration of the intro, the beginning section of a video, with the corporate Logo, an element as the important as the name of the brand as the brand’s sign, emblem and symbol.

Logo Intro, which is prepared to be at the beginning of a video and forms the introductory part (it can be at the end if you wish, and it is called Logo Outro), is a short video that introduces the brand and brings to mind all the ideas about that brand as soon as it is seen.

Logo Animation

If the aim is to promote the brand and show the logo, “Why is the Logo not enough in itself?” The primary reason for this is that sharing is in a video format that has a stream. Starting a streaming video format with a still photo image would create breaks between the viewers and the video. Plus, a compelling introduction always grabs attention and keeps the audience focused.

Why Is Logo Intro Important?

Making a Logo Intro while preparing a video is definitely important and it should not be overlooked. Especially if this video is a corporate promotional film or a product film, Logo Intro is a must, since Logo Intro, which allows the viewers to know who or what they are watching in the very first seconds, is the part that will pass the brand trust and values to the audience.

Another important aspect of the Logo Intro is that it is the part that warms the viewers up for the main body of the video. Videos that start suddenly may cause the beginning part to be missed. However, an effective Logo Intro will grab the viewers’ attention and allow them to focus on the video.

Logo Intro is also important in terms of creating corporate integrity. Logo Intros, which ensure both audio and visual promotion of the brand, can sometimes create an impact even by simply running behind the speaker.

Logo Intro Creation

As in every digital business, preparing a Logo Intro has become much easier than it seems today. Many programs, pages or applications on the Internet can quickly prepare a Logo Intro for you. However, this does not mean that it will be effective and appropriate. At the end of the process, the video should be able to introduce your brand correctly and create an impact on the audience. For this reason, there are important points to be considered while creating the Logo Intro.

  • The first point to be considered is the creation of a design language suitable for the sector in which your brand is located. It would be strange for a company that provides services on textiles to use a design language belonging to the medical sector.
  • Another important detail is development of a design suitable for the brand logo. From the vertical or horizontal design of the logo to the colours, many details will definitely affect the design.
  • Logo Intro design and flow should be absolutely simple. You can easily agree that designs with arrows and lights coming out from everywhere and a mixed flow will tire the eyes and mind.
  • While developing the design, it would be wise to prioritize sectoral expectations rather than personal tastes and wishes. You may like the space theme, but unfortunately it may not be the right language for your brand. However, it is better to open a parenthesis here. If the work to be done is not for institutional and general works, but for a local and remarkable campaign (or a different concept for children), different strategies can be followed and choices can be made. It should not be forgotten that no one will say bad about an effective and humorous work properly done.
  • Another important point about Logo Intro is choosing the right sound and music. Just as specified above article, if the project is developed for corporate purposes, it would be correct to make choices according to the sectoral language rather than personal wishes.
  • Another important detail is to decide where the Logo Intro will be used in the video. Contrary to popular belief, there is no requirement to place the Logo Intro at the beginning of the video. What is important here is the purpose of using Logo Intro and the platform on which it is used. Especially when creating YouTube content, a question can be asked at the beginning of the video or an introductory sentence can be read and Logo Intro can follow. The purpose of this is both to make the audience curious from the beginning and to stay in touch with them.
  • The design must be absolutely impressive. Those first 5 seconds in YouTube ads that we are all familiar with make us decide whether to watch the ad or not. A similar effect applies to Logo Intros. Impressing the viewer with Logo Intro at the beginning of the video will also create added value for the viewer for the rest of the video.

For these and many other reasons, we recommend you to avoid cheap and stereotype services and seek professional service for the correct and effective promotion of your brand. As KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, we step in at this point and develop effective projects on Logo Intro in line with the genuine requirements of your brand. If you want to get Logo Intro service for your brand, please do not hesitate to contact us.