Mobile Compatible Website Design

Mobile Compatible Website Design

Mobile Compatible Website

With the development of web technologies and the increasing use of mobile devices in our lives, this technology has gradually become a necessity rather than a luxury in the last decade. With the change in user habits and the increase in internet use, mobile compatible websites are among the most important features preferred by almost every company today. In the light of these developments and changes, we will answer certain questions such as, “What is a mobile compatible website?” and “What types of mobile compatible website are there?”

What is a Mobile Compatible Website?

One type of mobile compatible websites is “Responsive Websites”. This type of websites, in their simplest form, can be described as websites that can be viewed and used on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones just like they are used on desktops and laptops, by adapting to the relevant mobile device without making the user feel it, without any loss of content.

On the other hand, thoroughly mobile compatible websites are usually prepared as websites that are viewed and run like a Mobile APP. If there is no other specific purpose or target, they are designed to perform almost the same functions. The important thing in both cases is the smooth and complete realization of mobile compatibility.

The Reason for Designing a Responsive Website?

Today, more than 80% of internet usage is mobile and more is shifting to the mobile side every day. Whether it is a corporate website, e-commerce site or a landing page design, today’s users of websites mostly prefer mobile internet. There are many reasons for this preference, but whatever the reasons are, companies that cannot meet their users in mobile environments in a correct and adequate way should be ready for both customer and turnover loss. As we always say and as Google has emphatically stated, the important thing is to create benefits, and responsive design is the most important item in creating this benefit. Imagine, you are trying to sell on the internet and you are making a website that is not friendly for users who enter your website from their mobile devices. How patient do you think the users will be in today’s world of competition? We can easily tell you that it is 7 seconds at the maximum. It is very important that you always empathize first and determine the user scenarios well.

Mobile Compatible Website Design

Common Features of Mobile Compatible Websites

  1. They are websites with high speed of response. A websites that is not mobile compatible, when opened from any mobile device, would definitely make the user feel that it is not “mobile friendly”, both in terms of usage and speed.
  2. There may be around a hundred different types of mobile devices in the market and mobile compatibility should apply to all of these devices. In this way, the fonts, images and all other elements of the website fit perfectly on the screen of the relevant device, which would ensure that the use of the website is not a trouble for the user.
  3. With mobile compatibility, menu and navigation structures also adapt to this process. It does not matter whether your website has a One Page or Multi Page design. The important thing is that the content you offer is easily accessible to users. Responsive websites easily meet this need.
  4. Mobile devices are generally considered to be used vertically. However, when a user turns the device sideways, mobile compatibility should still be ensured. The relevant website is positioned correctly on the screen according to the way the device is held in hand.
  5. Adobe Flash sites were very popular in the past. However, in line with the developing technology and needs, mobile device companies stop supporting Flash on the browsers they use. For this reason, the use of Flash technology is not preferred on mobile compatible websites.
  6. Companies that prefer mobile compatible websites achieve their turnover goals more easily as they provide ease of use.
  7. Perhaps the most important feature of responsive websites is that they are liked more by search engines. In this way, your website can drive higher rankings in search engines.

Why Is a Mobile Website Important?

  1. Mobile compatible websites meet your needs with a single website instead of setting up a separate site for each platform. In this way, you save both money and time.
  2. Simultaneous control is provided on all platforms with a single management panel.
  3. Thanks to responsive websites, you do not need to make separate SEO planning for mobile and other devices. With common URL structures, your SEO work is affectedpositively.
  4. In Google’s new algorithms, it is specified in the search results if the relevant website is responsive or not. In this context, a responsive web design directly affects your site’s ranking in search results.
  5. Mobile compatible websites also brings the convenience of directing social media shares to a single URL structure. In this way, with a single share, you can conveniently direct your users to the relevant content on social media more easily and economically.
  6. With the responsive design, users avoid actions that mobile technologies do not favour, such as enlarging, minimizing or swiping the screen. IT is wise to remember that the happier the user is, the more Google cares about you.
  7. With mobile compatible websites, the rich content you have becomes more accessible to users, which in turn increases the duration of stay on your website.
  8. Especially the turnover goals of e-commerce sites become more consistent with mobile compatible designs, since users not only access the product they are looking for faster, but also it reduces the unnecessary time spent on the site and increases the rate of purchases.

Google and Mobile Compatible Websites

With the shift of internet use to mobile devices day by day, search engines tend to attach higher important to websites that work perfectly and smoothly on mobile devices. Google now openly states in its articles that it will take a different approach to websites that are not compatible or have problems with mobile devices. There are dozens of different criteria applied by Google for mobile compatible websites. While many of these criteria are indispensable, some of them are just defined as favourable features for Google. Here, Google’s criteria are generally based on user experiences. The more “happy” users are in your website, the more valuable your site is to Google.

GT Metrix criteria are targeted in all projects we handle as KREABAZ. In line with this goal, we aim to get the websites we develop to a score above 90.

In the light of Google’s own data, 94% of smartphone owners in the United States access local information through their phones. The interesting thing is that 77% of mobile searches are made from home or work, by connecting to a wireless internet network. This shows us that even when users have access to a desktop computer, they still make most of their searches on mobile devices.

In summary, websites without mobile device compatibility do not stand a chance against mobile compatible websites.

Mobile Compatible Website Design

How a Website Can Be Made Mobile Compatible?

The process of having a mobile compatible website is actually a step that should be considered at the beginning of website construction. You should start the design process by considering mobile compatibility. Although many people or institutions may give priority to desktop view, the main target should be mobile devices.

If the website you have is not mobile compatible and you want to get rid of this problem, there are two ways you can follow. The first one, which is not the correct option in our opinion, is developing a mobile version of the current website within the existing software language. The second way, which we recommend, is to have a new website. In some projects, it may be even more expensive to make the existing website mobile compatible. Instead of having a website with an old technology and allocating a higher budget, you can complete the process in a healthier way with a brand new website.

In conclusion, mobile compatibility has become the greatest need of the age and technology. In this context, with KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency and its professional team of highly competent experts, you can have a strong website both in terms of design and technology.