Potential Customer Acquisition

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Capturing the changes in marketing and sales is crucial for a business to maintain its existence. In a highly competitive business world, companies that do not keep up with current developments and new business models unfortunately fall behind soon. Marketing activities carried out on different digital platforms have the potential to put you a few steps ahead, depending on the features of these platforms and your area of operation. However, reaching these potential customers and establishing effective communication with them poses significant challenges in terms of both time and cost.

Implementing these current developments and changes in e-commerce correctly according to the needs of your company determines whether your company will exist in the future. This is where KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency comes in. By closely monitoring the ever-changing developments in the digital world, we ensure that your brand stands strong in this new landscape of the business world. So, how do we do this with our Potential Customer Acquisition service?

Today, through billions of websites online, you can access too much of information. Almost all businesses, including large enterprises, have an online presence and are waiting for you as potential customers. We legally provide you with all the verified information of your potential customers (such as name, address, coordinates, website, phone, working hours, etc.) We gather this information from the internet, which is already available, using a proprietary technology to extract data from the codebase online. Then, we filter and refine them according to your requests.

All these data contain verified information from businesses and individuals available on the internet. The necessary and desired contact information, content, individuals, and information that are relevant to your target audience are collected and presented to you.

So, what can you do with this information? You can use it effectively for your corporate goals in the simplest way possible. You can contact your potential customers in line with your corporate and individual goals and provide them with information about your services.

The aim of this process is to direct your potential customers to the sales channel and ensure that they stay there until they are ready to make a purchase. It is a complex process that enhances brand awareness, allows you to build community relationships, generates high-quality potential customers, and completes a sale. Potential customer acquisition stands out as a preferred process for successful businesses. Creating a reliable potential customer generation process enhances the credibility of your marketing process. In addition to increasing your brand visibility, this information also presents you with significant opportunities to increase your revenue.

What is Potential Customer Acquisition?

Companies that need to sustain their existence and reach the top collect information about important potential customers. The collected information is then tailored to their needs to design marketing messages and sales presentations. This process is primarily carried out through digital channels.

Potential Customer Acquisition refers to finding customer prospects based on specific criteria, contacting them, and achieving results through digital technology. Every individual and organization present online is a potential customer. However, some of them make up your target audience. Those individuals who are looking for the product or service you sell are your “actual target audience”. This system allows you to reach your potential customers at the beginning of their journey on the internet.

Developing a strong digital presence for customers who spend a lot of time online is also an important part of building a potential sales channel. This can be achieved through marketing strategies such as content marketing, website forms, and search engine optimization, which can be used together to attract potential customers to your website. Transferring your relevant information to potential customers also helps you focus on the right customers for your sales goals. With the right data, you can tailor your online presence to match the needs of your buyers and move towards the stage of generating potential sales. You can choose to take advantage of Potential Customer Acquisition Services to adapt your online presence to the needs of your buyers and reach them before they find you. This way, your potential customers who trust your brand can make quicker purchasing decisions and reflect their satisfaction.

In B2B, you should strategically focus on gaining this trust and building relationships with each customer, as this point serves as the starting point for the long-term benefit of the potential customer generation process. By knowing and identifying different customer profiles at the industry level, you can have a high-quality customer profile by finding and targeting them.

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Is Potential Customer Acquisition Legal?

In points where technological advancements make the operations of institutions easier and the lives of individuals more convenient, the use of certain applications may be necessary by paying attention to certain issues. The most important detail here is that these data are collected from environments where users and companies fill in their requests and give their consent according to the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK). In other words, these data are publicly available and completely legal. Of course, the purpose of using these data (threats, blackmail, harassment) can change the nature of the business. However, such contact information can be easily used for B2B and B2C purposes.

Moreover, the use of these systems and data has already started in many corporate structures. Companies collect these data by determining their usage purposes and goals. Clear determination of the purpose ensures that the data is used correctly, thus saving time for institutions in this process.

What is B2B?

B2B, which requires a high level of focus, also requires you to think about finding the right people in the right roles and industries with smart access and decision-making power, and convincing them over time. These marketing or sales practices, referred to as “Business to Business” (B2B), can be defined as a business model between manufacturers and wholesalers, or between a wholesaler and a retailer, for example. B2B refers to business conducted between companies, not between a company and individual consumers. All communications between employees of two or more companies are referred to as B2B communication. B2B is the opposite of business models defined as business to consumer (Business to Customer – B2C) and business to government (Business to Government – B2G). With the B2B business model, aiming to adapt to the needs of companies while acknowledging their responsibilities to customers and brands, it offers a B2B model for the challenges faced and future opportunities in the marketing world.

Creating potential sales with the B2B business model is essential both for sales and marketing teams and for the business itself. Without potential customer creation, there will be no possible sales, conversions, customers, and more business flow through the sales channel. In addition to being an important practice for a company, the B2B business model also provides significant information to marketing representatives, sales representatives, and all other individuals associated with your company, including sales development representatives. However, the B2B model also has some challenges. Perhaps the most important challenge faced by most B2B companies is finding businesses that will purchase their goods and services. B2B marketplaces are much smaller than consumer-oriented models. For example, a B2C (business to costomer) clothing e-commerce website will have a wide potential buyer base. However, businesses generally spend more on purchasing than consumers and have much larger budgets. Therefore, while a B2B company may make fewer sales, it is likely to generate higher profits compared to a B2C company. In addition, other advantages of the B2B business model can be listed as follows:

  • High Income Potential with B2B: B2B businesses can generate high revenues by meeting the needs of other businesses. As businesses often purchase large quantities of products or services, B2B companies can also make high-volume sales.
  • Long-term Collaboration can be established: B2B businesses can establish long-term collaborations with other businesses. This helps them build a stable customer base and secure future business.
  • Larger Sales Volume: B2B businesses typically make large sales volumes. This increases profitability and allows businesses to make larger investments.
  • Better Relationships with Customers: With the B2B business model, companies can establish closer relationships with their customers. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Less Competition among B2B Companies: Companies implementing the B2B business model generally compete with other B2B businesses, which means less competition compared to B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses.
  • Custom Requests can be met: B2B companies can offer customized products and services that cater to the specific requests of other companies. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Consultation during decision-making process: B2B customers typically go through a long and detailed decision-making process when purchasing products or services. During this process, companies with a B2B business model can provide consultation to market their products or services more effectively.

The business-to-business (B2B) business model refers to a transaction or business conducted between one business and another, such as a wholesaler and a retailer. B2B transactions are aimed at the sales or marketing process that takes place in the supply chain where one company purchases raw materials to be used in the production process from another company. B2B transactions are a natural process that occurs in various sectors, including companies operating in the automotive industry and industrial cleaning companies, as companies need to purchase components and products for their production processes, such as other raw materials. Finished products can then be sold from businesses to consumers. When evaluated in the context of communication, the B2B business model also includes methods for employees from different companies to connect with each other through channels such as social media.

What are the advantages of Potential Customer Acquisition?

In order for your organization to achieve its goals, reaching the right target audience is of great importance. Let’s take a look together at the advantages of “Potential Customer Acquisition”:

  • With the potential customer acquisition, you can reach the right target audience without wasting time.
  • Thanks to targeted data, you can quickly notice a decrease in your costs.
  • You can learn the basic information, logos, working hours, emails, phone numbers, etc. of companies and individuals who need your services. You can create your own lists with useful information for customers and businesses, and use them when needed.
  • You can sort and use all this data according to your needs, such as email marketing, reaching by phone, etc.
  • In addition to acting quickly, you can also increase your company’s efficiency. The application offers an option to create electronic spreadsheets and easily download data in Excel or other formats. You can allocate time to different topics and take initiatives that will increase your productivity. With this application, you can handle much more work more easily and allocate time for planning your development, thus increasing your productivity.
  • You can evaluate your business strategy accordingly.
  • You can extract the contact information (emails, phone numbers, etc.) of the target audience you want to reach in order to directly communicate with them through mobile marketing, social media advertising, or email marketing campaigns. This way, you can follow the right message strategy.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a form of marketing that allows you to inform customers in your email list about new products, discounts, and other services. It is a marketing method used to inform your audience about the value of your brand. In today’s highly competitive digital environment, e-mail Marketing has become an important marketing tool for many brands to be more active online. In this process, where user data is carefully prepared and target audience analysis is done, when the obtained data is used correctly, it results in marketing success for organizations.

After digitalization, Email has become a popular marketing tool for businesses. Email has a feature that compels the user to take some kind of action; an email you send stays in the user’s inbox until it is read, deleted, or archived. E-mail marketing can help you establish a relationship with your target audience and can also drive traffic to your blog page, social media network, or any content you want to promote. You can even segment your emails based on demographic characteristics and target users with the messages they want to see the most.

Similarly, many businesses benefit from social media advertising for social media networks, which is one of the popular advertising channels in recent years, just like e-mail marketing. You can also use the data you obtained to develop an effective message strategy in your social media advertising campaigns. Social media advertising can be defined as a digital marketing branch where paid advertising campaigns are conducted on social media platforms to reach target audiences.

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Marketers and advertisers can promote their brands and stimulate sales through social channels that users frequently use.

When the data you obtained is evaluated with a professional approach, it gives you the power to stand out among your competitors. With this powerful data, you can make a difference in your advertising strategies and greatly benefit from this data in the marketing process. This data becomes an important source of information for you to create a direct message strategy for your target audience. Thus, in your advertising activities and marketing efforts, you can directly reach your target audience without wasting time. Especially when you obtain data that is suitable for your company’s advertising strategy, you can quickly rise to a significant position in the market.

Kreabaz Advertising and e-Mail Marketing Service

With Kreabaz E-Commerce Services experience, you can benefit from obtaining the data you need. Kreabaz also guides you on how to use the data you have to achieve your corporate goals. Kreabaz shows you how to plan your advertising and marketing efforts based on your business area, target audience, and their expectations. Utilizing its experience in e-Mail Marketing, Kreabaz helps you reach the right target audience at the right time with the data you have. Automated e-mails, newsletters with content of your choice, and strategically crafted message texts reach your target audience at the appropriate time. Kreabaz designs your mailing contents based on expert perspectives and specific techniques. Afterwards, these designed email contents are sent to your mailing lists through specific systems. Having accurate user data is crucial in this process is of great importance.

Potential Customer Acquisition with KREABAZ

KREABAZ leverages its strong position in the digital world to help you find and connect with potential new customers online. It not only provides tailored solutions for your business in the digital world but also offers professional support in developing targeted strategies for your audience. If you want to get support from KREABAZ in acquiring potential customers, you can contact us right away.