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The KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency brand is exclusive for its success in achieving customer satisfaction. We adopt a working approach with the mentality of “without one, the other party is incomplete“. In this way, we achieve an unchanging success graph in terms of both customer relations and service quality.

We know that success comes with effort and curiosity. For this reason, we follow the innovations and developments not only in our own sector, but also in all the sectors we touch and are in. In this way, we can keep up with the rapidly changing world. In other words, we can adapt the brands we work with to innovations with the same success and speed. Here, we can achieve long-term works with our brands that can keep up with current developments and the market and trust us.

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As KREABAZ, we are able to keep up with the changing world very quickly and strongly adapt the customers we work with to this speed. In this way, brands that prefer to work with KREABAZ can both adapt effectively to the speed of the current market and easily integrate many current developments into their systems.

KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency does not only follow the developments about the sectors in its portfolio, it also follows many other sectors whether they are organic or not and shares the innovations with the brands it works with. This creates a remarkable added value for the brands we work with. In this way, the KREABAZ brand is preferred by different brands from many different sectors and markets. Especially our customer-oriented approach makes KREABAZ different from its competitors.

Customer Satisfaction and KREABAZ

KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency implements a six-step process in its work:

  • Listening
  • Research
  • Thinking
  • Planning
  • Checking
  • Application

We know that every sector and company is a different world and that its wheels turn with its own ecosystems. With this awareness, when we set out on a new path with new sectors and companies, we first discover these worlds. In other words, we listen to our customers, observe and keep up with their operations. In this way, we capture the details that will make our customers stand out in the sector. In the second stage, research, we learn the critical information necessary and include it in the process. With this information, we design in detail what we can do for the sector and the brand and draw up a roadmap. Everything that can be done is included in our pool of ideas. The aim of the company is as many as possible and we bring together different thoughts and ideas. In this way, we can capture a very broad perspective for the company.

In the third stage, thinking, it gathers together all the thoughts, ideas, researches we have put forth and the results we have obtained from these researches. Thus, we determine which solutions are the most correct and suitable for our customers. We carry out this decision-making process as rationally and holistic as possible. Afterwards, we develop strategies for the brands we work with using the information we obtain. What distinguishes us from the others at this point is that we produce brand-specific solution strategies instead of applying the same solution to each brand. We make every brand and company feel special and reach much more effective solutions in their own way.

The fourth stage is the planning stage. Research conducted at this stage necessarily includes the services and solutions chosen at the end of the long-term strategy formation stages. At this stage, services and solutions are brought together in a clear plan and schedule. The timing and contents of every job to be done here are planned in a comprehensive way. In addition to the decisions taken and the subsequent reactions, we seriously anticipate how things will turn out.

In the fifth stage, the checking phase, we check the transactions like a judge before proceeding to the approval process. The control must be done before proceeding to the approval process. It is at this stage that we make the most ruthless criticisms of our work. In this way, we examine our transactions in a very detailed way and evaluate them from the user’s point of view. In these works implemented, We also answer the question “were the expectations and demands met?”.

The last stage is to make a complete and error-free delivery or to make everything ready for implementation. At this point, we reevaluate all the works to be done, even for the smallest works. If the work is approved, we start the application part and complete the process.

KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency References

KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency provides services in the fields of Brand and Creative Design, Web Design and Web Software, Social Media, SEO-SEM-DM, e-Commerce Services, Video & Production. With our expert team, we carry out every process of these services in a rational and orderly process.

We are proud to present to you our references and projects that have preferred us or preferred us in the past, thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, our working system and our customer-oriented perspective.