What is QR Menu

Your customers or employees can continue to receive service or provide service in your restaurant or cafe without any risk of touching any printed menu or tablet menu with this new generation digital menu, that is QR menu.

What is QR Menu?

QR menu is digital version a menu that customers can view without touching any device or environment other than their own mobile devices in any place where food and beverage services are offered such as restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, night clubs, discos, and bars.

In cases where contact with each other should be at a minimum level as in the pandemic we have experienced and it is also very important to have a minimum level of contact with the belongings of others. According to experts, touching the printed menus, tablet menus or similar systems used by food and beverage industry, that is, handling another device other than yours in such places you go, may create vulnerability.

Depending on this level of vulnerability, both customers and employees can finish up the process of taking and giving orders in a reliable way with QR menu technology, which is completely hygienic, fast and compatible with all mobile devices.


How is QR Menu Built?

Building a QR Menu is very easy. Before starting, what the owner of the venue or authorized person needs to do is to send the menu images and the contents to Kreabaz. Next, the menu is quickly set up and delivered to the customer, either inside the current website or inside another domain name, like a website. For customers not having menu images, we can work together with our solution partners that specialize in food and beverage photos. Upon building the QR Menu, we provide our customers with a management panel where they can easily manage the menu content and images

What is QR Menu How is a QR Menu Built

What are the Benefits of a QR Menu?

  • To perform the process of taking and placing orders in a hygiene-oriented way with QR menu technology in cases like pandemics.
  • To enable all customers to make faster decisions with QR menu on their mobile devices.
  • Not to wait for the menu for hours in crowded places.
  • To save both in terms of printing and time when it is required to change the content and images of the menu.
  • To provide a customer-friendly experience with easy use of QR Menus and mobile friendly technologies.
  • To enable the customer to review QR menu content before coming to the venue through a website link you will send.
  • To ensure that menu contents can be easily and quickly updated by you with QR Menu technology.
  • To highlight the importance attached to the hygiene and health of the customers with QR Menu.
  • To make the products noticeable in the menu with the banner slider system.
  • To allow your customers to have a fast and secure experience with immediate use feature without downloading any mobile apps.

You can introduce your customers with various other features of QR Menu. All you have to do is to contact Kreabaz.