e-Mailing and e-Newsletter Services

e-Mailing and e-Newsletter Services

e-Mailing and e-Newsletters Design

There are dozens of different processes and technologies in advertising and digital marketing services. One of them is mailing marketing. Today, we can say that there is almost no individual who does not have an e-mail account. Almost every web system, including all social media platforms, e-government systems, game platforms, forum sites, some blog infrastructures, service sites, e-bulletin service websites and e-commerce sites, requires you to register with an e-mail address when signing up. With these e-mail addresses or data, which is the greatest value of our age, becomes the greatest asset of these systems. It is clear that this data is invaluable in marketing activities and can provide ideas about the direction of the activities of the relevant website.

What is e-Mailing?

e-Mail Marketing is the delivery of messages to the target group in the e-mail lists you have, by e-mail within certain criteria and design possibilities. The e-mailing process basically consists of two main steps.

  • The first step is to design the e-mailing content using certain techniques.
  • The second step is to forward this e-mail to the e-mailing lists you have using certain systems.




How to Prepare e-Mailing?

The steps to be covered for setting up e-mailing are pretty much the same as creating a simple single page website.

First, a graphic design work is developed within certain criteria for the message, campaign, service or content you want to convey. While some of the needs that this graphic design should meet are general, some are specific items requested by the system that will send you, which we will explain in the second step. The important thing here is that the design is suitable for your target group, the message is clear, and the clickable areas are optimized. The e-mail with a complete graphic design is then converted to HTML format. In fact, the criteria here are more important and they require professional action.

There are dozens of e-mailing companies and infrastructures serving in the sector. It is very important that your e-mail format with a finalized graphic work is encoded in accordance with the e-mailing infrastructure you will use. The main purpose of the rules to be followed here is to ensure that this design, which will be presented by different e-mail providers, will open completely and smoothly in every system. If the design or coding is not done in compliance with these criteria, you may encounter undesired results in any e-mail provider. As we always say, the priority is optimization.

e-Mailing and e-Newsletter Services

e-Mailing Strategy and Things to Do

E-Mail Marketing projects should have a certain budget and strategy, like other digital or traditional marketing methods. Having a rich e-mail list, the right timing, the right target group and budget are among the important details of this process. In this context, we can list the following items for correct e-mail marketing activities.

  1. Having the Right User Data: Finding the most accurate e-mail lists and reaching the correct e-mail addresses of these people is of top priority for a smooth e-mail marketing strategy. Although users who do not meet your website’s conversion goal are valuable to you, you need access to users’ e-mail addresses for this marketing method. This is directly proportional to how much you can persuade the relevant group. The easiest way to do this is to offer people various opportunities in line with your services. For example, you have an e-commerce site. Here you also need contact information of potential customers. You can find many ways to achieve this goal. You can activate your potential group by commenting on the site, earning discounts, signing up for the e-Newsletter and being aware of discounts.
  2. E-Mailing Frequency: The right time is very important in e-mail marketing. After your “Welcome” e-mail to the user interacting with your website, you should send an e-mail within the headings that the customer requests, without bothering him or her. If you send an unrelated category or content to a user who requests you to send an e-mail only for a certain product group, he or she may request removal from your e-mail list as permitted by the law.
  3. Attractive Design: The concept of “empathy” also comes into play for the designs you will create for the group you will be doing e-mailing. Put yourself in the user’s shoes: complex, incomprehensible designs are always doomed to be deleted without being read. Be as simple and clear as possible in terms of the message you will give, so that the conversion you expect from the user will take place.
  4. Removal of Bounce e-Mails: You should remove Bounce e-Mails, that is, e-mail addresses that are no longer active for some reason, from your lists, by use of to the possibilities offered by the infrastructure you use. Failure to do this will result in both extra cost and loss of quality.
  5. Measurable Systems: Everything is fine. You have the e-mail list, your design is clear and simple, and you are ready to send. However, you cannot get answers to questions such as which mail was opened, how much conversion was achieved by which group, and how many e-mails was sent to the spam box. All the work you have done, your budget and time might be wasted. At this point, it is very important that the e-mailing system used gives you the analytical data correctly. Your preference should be on the side of systems that can provide you with the data you need.

Advantages of e-Mail Marketing

  1. It is perhaps the lowest budget option among the digital marketing services.
  2. In the light of the data obtained, more specific customer profiles can be generated.
  3. Thanks to e-mail marketing, brand awareness can be reinforced.
  4. More personalized e-mails can be sent by grouping customers.
  5. Cross-selling rate, which is an important concept for e-commerce sites, can be increased.
  6. Service and product quality can be increased by using survey systems.
  7. Unless deleted by users, e-mails will continue to be a permanent reminder.
  8. As a result, new digital marketing techniques are being developed every day. In this context, you can contact KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency to benefit from e-Mail Marketing services, which is both a traditional and an innovative method, and get information about the services we will offer for you.