Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

Today, search engines directly affect the purchasing and decision-making processes of users. Through this interaction, sales, awareness and many other online and offline processes also evolve. Again, in order to be positively affected by this interaction, SEO, the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, should be maintained in the most accurate and professional way. As KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, we will mention here the details about the services we can provide for your brand and products.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and also covers the term Search Experience Optimization. So, SEO means both Search Engine Optimization and Search Experience.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a digital marketing technique that includes many different variables and allows your website to be on the top page or ranks in search engines.

With SEO, you can positively affect the decision-making processes of many search engine bots such as Google, Yandex, and Bing for the relevant website. With Professional Search Engine Optimization Services, the website in question has reputable, fast and saturated content from the point of search engine bots. Websites rated in this way are shown in the top positions to people using search engines.

Why Is SEO Performed?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, ensures that the SEO-supported website rank higher in the search results without allocating an additional advertising budget. By increasing the keyword positions of your website in search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing with Search Engine Optimization Services, searchers find your website more easily. This way, you do not have to constantly advertise to generate revenue or conversions on your website. For websites that have to advertise regularly, it minimizes advertising budgets in the long run.

Services for Search Engine Optimization

The basic services that KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency basically provides to its customers in this area are listed as follows:

  • Feedback Matching with the Structure of the BusinessKREABAZ is always available. What does this mean? Many companies or people who provide SEO Services in the industry take your SEO budget with very big commitments at the beginning of the work, and then they become inaccessible. What we want to emphasize here is that we provide regular reporting depending on the structure of the business, the SEO investment made and the level the business implement our recommendations. Reporting and analysis is perhaps the most important step in this process. This way, you will make sure that your budget is not wasted.
  • Website SEO Analysis: If you do not have a website made by KREABAZ and if SEO work will be done on the existing site, your site will be analysed within Google recommendations. At the end of these analyses, areas that are missing or incorrect will be arranged based on the technical competencies and in the light of Google recommendations. The aim here is to ensure that the SEO investment made on your website provides continuous and regular benefit.
  • Editing of Your Website’s Technical Errors: In case you receive SEO services for your current website, it is recommended both by us and Google to make the relevant website technically perfect. If the technical changes on the current website can be made by KREABAZ, we will offer you with the necessary cost and continue the process depending on to the situation. When technical errors are analysed, direct reporting is made considering  the following:
    1. Whether the indexing works on the website are done correctly,
    2. Compliance of your website with the current technology standards and the requirements of the age,
    3. Whether there is UX and UI compatibility,
    4. Whether search bots are allowed,
    5. Arrangement of missing and incorrect links,
    6. How useful the sites with backlinks are.
  • Detection and Clearance of Existing Google PenaltiesYour existing website may have penalties imposed by Google. The detection and cleaning of these penalties is of great importance in terms of the quality of the SEO service to be provided. If other steps are taken before these penalties are removed, you will be “Rowing against the Tide”.
  • Determining Website Speed ​​and AvailabilityThe speed of the website, which has become one of the indispensable items for SEO with new versions of Google, should be optimized correctly. Even if the content of your website is very good, Google does not consider the relevant website as valuable if it does not open fast. Considering that users decide between 5-7 seconds to spend time on a website, we can better understand how important this stage is. “Speed ​​= Success” is probably not a wrong formula.
  • Conducting Competitor AnalysisRanking high in Google is not just to make ourselves happy. The main goal here is to stay ahead of the competitors and meet the customers with the right service or product. Here, the keywords or phrases the competitors use for higher ranks, and successful or unsuccessful phrases are detected.
  • Analysis of Page Titles and Meta TagsGoogle first analyses what your website says and what your pages cover, by looking at page titles and meta tags. What is said in these areas directly affects the interaction between your products or services and the target group, and being located at the top in the search results. Therefore, page titles and meta tags are analysed to ensure the most accurate match.
  • Internal Linking Structure and Arrangement of Site ArchitectureWe also consider websites as an architectural project. Just like a construction project, websites also need an accurate architecture with certain elements such as the size of the rooms, where the toilet is, and which way the doors open. It is aimed to make the user’s navigation easier on the site, with elements such as menu structures on websites and providing correct and relevant internal links.
  • Content Analysis and Optimization: The content of a website is as important as its speed. A website with a weak, insufficient or incomprehensible content is also analysed by Google bots, and evaluated based on the richness of the content offered. Content is the best way to present the quality of your products or services to a customer who does not know you at all. For this reason, the content is analysed and made more satisfying to both Google and users.
  • Search Console UseOne of the possibilities Google offers for development and optimization of websites is the Google Search Console tool. Here, many processes such as the identification unnecessary or harmful links to your website, determination of sitemaps, removal of unused URL structures, scope errors, and mobile usage errors are managed.
  • New Tools and ModulesNew tools such as a contact form, Whatsapp button, or various filters are developed within the website in order to achieve the correct conversion as a result of the necessary analysis. In this way, it is aimed for the target group to contact you more easily or to increase sales conversion rates.
  • Regular Optimization: Google and other search engines are constantly trying to update their software infrastructure and make it better. At this stage, it is very important for websites to keep up with this change and development, both in terms of the permanence of the success achieved and in following the technology. As an example, the title length, which is 60 characters or 586 pixels today, may be edited differently tomorrow. In order to keep up with these arrangements, regular checks and optimization are carried out.

Search Engine Optimization

How to Rank High on Google

In the early days of the Google Search Engine, it was sufficient for your website to have high level of authority, to use the right keywords and to have a good general structure in order to rank high in Google. However, due to both the new requirements and the new versions of Google, the steps specified here are no longer sufficient. In this context, taking the following basic steps has become essential in order to rank higher in Google.

  • Analysing the current situation in the market,
  • Analysing competitors,
  • Budget analysis and correct planning of the budget,
  • Analysing sectoral and target keywords,
  • Ensuring the use of SSL,
  • Code analysis and SEO compatibility of the website,
  • Creating original and continuous content,
  • Creating useful content,
  • Creating and sharing social media content on a regular basis,
  • Analysis and cleaning of harmful and unnecessary backlinks,
  • Making useful backlink studies,
  • Creating blog contents,
  • Carrying out supportive and motivating advertisements,
  • UX and UI targeted website designs.

Services for Search Engine Optimization

Advantages you will add to your business with SEO

You can attract customer traffic to your website with the SEO studies for your business’s existing website or the website you will create from the scratch. Thanks to this increased traffic through the website, both the success of your business and your revenue and profit rates will increase. The studies done to increase the visibility of your website in the face of Google algorithms and to rank first on the results pages when searching is called SEO, the Search Engine Optimization. When working on SEO, it is very important to get the right consumers at the right time, and with the right results. With the content of your business, reaching the right customer in the searches of the users in line with their needs will provide a strategic advantage to the website. For this reason, it is possible to say that SEO solutions are both a strategic approach and a cost-effective and result-oriented work.

You can make your website popular with various SEO activities provided by KREABAZ. SEO, which is a digital marketing element, is not the marketing only, it also offers an approach based on strategy and data. Each study in search engine optimization is a long-term investment. With Google Search Console and many other data tools, it is possible to list some of the advantages that will bring to your business thanks to SEO work by eliminating the deficiencies or errors of your site.


  1. It makes your business visible by differentiating it from the competitors

In line with the increasing use of technology, there may be changes in the shopping behavior of internet users and with the data obtained from the research conducted, a significant majority of consumers conduct research about products or services online. Thus, it is possible to come out with content and website that is suitable for consumers’ research with SEO studies. The fact that a website with SEO is differentiated from others and ranks high also causes the business to be known by many more users


  1. It puts your business in a more advantageous position compared to their competitors.

As well as the sustainability concept that has become widespread recently, it is very important to be accessible. The advantage of making a difference among your competitors and positioning your own business at a different point compared to the product or service you provide is great. When the majority of internet users search, they often click on sites that are at the top of the results page. These clicks are a very important action for the website. The website with increased traffic will be known by other users and the success of the business will increase.


  1. It provides high profit return.

The SEO studies on a website is not an advertisement of the business, but actually technical arrangements for the improvement and development of the website. Therefore, you can earn in the long term by taking strategic steps with SEO solutions that you can realize with an appropriate budget. It is possible to say that these studies on the website for the search engine optimization provides long-term gains to the business


  1. It increases brand awareness.

Brand awareness is quite a significant issue both for SEO studies and for the brand. The most basic task of the search engine optimization strategy to be prepared is to make products or categories stand out and rank first in searches. The biggest advantage of these strategies is to create a communication between the brand and the consumer and help them establish a bond. Therefore, SEO activities are also based on increasing and strengthening brand awareness.


  1. It provides long-term results.

SEO is not a process that disappears over time. Continuous website tracking, backlink work, internal linking or work on the design of the website will all provide gains and success in the future. The benefits of the website, which provides communication between the user and the brand, functioning correctly and being supported and highlighted by Google are quite high


  1. It increases the organic traffic of the website

AdWords, which is included in SEO studies, is not an instant one. AdWords can bring long-term results. Future results can be obtained thanks to optimization studies to be carried out in certain periods without the need to allocate a budget regularly. The number of potential customers increasing thanks to organic traffic will lead to an increase in the revenue curve as it will increase the sales to be realized through the website.


  1. It allows you to create quality and impressive content.

There are many studies carried out in SEO. Although some of these works are unseen site codes, software, URLs or site speed, there is also a visible side. This side includes the design, visuals, blog content and social media content of the website. Website traffic can be increased with the right content and quality visuals. Organic traffic can also be targeted with blog content that can be created in line with the appropriate keywords and trending topics related to your product and service. Producing content that is compatible with the site format, the quality and originality of the content, having titles and tags that will attract the attention of users are just a few of the SEO tactics. All these works are very important for internet users to stay on your website longer and make purchases within the site.


  1. It helps increase website reliability.

Appearing first in Google search results has a positive impact on users. A website that ranks first gets more traffic, which is one reason for its reliability. Appearing first in the search engine without advertising is crucial for consumers to see more of your products and services, review them, and make purchases or take other actions. The most important factor for all this is of course that it is a reliable site. SEO studies also emphasize that your site is both safe and the right source while highlighting your site.


  1. It increases customer satisfaction.

Google has its own studies to scan the links and variables on websites and transfer them to data with the algorithms it creates. These algorithms show how long the users stay on the website, what actions they take, and the site pages they have visited. On the other hand, it shows which website has more visitors in searches or how much time spent on the site and ensures that it is indexed in the first place in search results. The most important factors in the formation of this data are SEO studies and quality and accurate content. This content not only affects the experience of internet users, but also leads to increased customer satisfaction by highlighting it in Google algorithms.


  1. It attracts the attention of consumers with insight.

You can measure how users’ reactions and behavioral changes are during evaluations following SEO studies. You can analyze which category consumers visit the most on your website, which page they leave after which page, and which product they do the most actions such as adding a product to the cart, purchasing or adding it to favorites. Depending on this data you obtain, you can offer content and designs suitable for consumers, and at the same time, you can measure the consumer’s reaction with variables such as discounts, promotions and raffles. Consumer response is one of the most effective data that shows you how you can create the insight on your website.

As a result, SEO is one of the most important digital marketing efforts for a website to survive for a longer period of time in today’s world. It is much more important that these works are done by the right experts. In this context, by contacting KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency for professional SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services, you can find out what we can do for you.