Youtube Ads Management

Youtube Ads Management

YouTube, the second most visited website in the world (the first of course is Google) and the second biggest social media platform (the first is Facebook), is getting stronger day by day with its increasing usage rates and developing content alternatives. Now, defining itself as a “Video Search Engine”, YouTube, together with its owner Google, leaves its competitors far behind.

YouTube, of course, is a video watching platform. However, the live broadcast feature of YouTube, which has gained considerable strength recently, has turned this platform into a television channel. YouTube, where everyone can easily produce content and broadcast live, has enabled brands or individuals to share special events and communicate with their followers with the “Join” feature.

How to Place YouTube Ads

In order to advertise on YouTube, you must first have a GMail account. Of course, you need to set up your profile on two different platforms with your GMail account, one of which is YouTube, and the other is Google Ads (Please note that you will make the YouTube and Google Ads settings for only once, after which you can proceed directly to advertising).

Sign in with your GMail information to do your YouTube settings. Then go to YouTube, click on your profile picture and select the “Create Channel” option. After deciding your channel name and other settings, switch to Google Ads, the second platform where you need to set your profile. After entering your advertising purpose and information here, it’s time to set up your ad.

YouTube Advertising Models

There are many advertising models you can choose for your brand on YouTube. You can get more information by clicking the YouTube Ad Models link to find out the most suitable model for your brand, which can be listed as follows in general:

  • Skippable In-Stream Ads
  • Non-skippable In-Stream Ads
  • Video Discovery Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Out-stream Ads
  • Masthead Ads

Why Should You Place YouTube Ads

The fact that YouTube is so popular and preferred in the world and in Turkey is actually a sufficient reason in itself to advertise on this platform. However, we want to expand this a little more. For this reason, we want to answer this question with global and national statistics. We think these statistics will be the most valid answers to convince you. So, just take a look on the following:

  • There are 54 million active social media users in Turkey, where YouTube is the mostly used social media platform. Youtube, which is in the second place globally, has about 2 billion users around the world. The number of daily active users of YouTube is 30 million. This means 30 million active people in 91 countries where you can promote your brand on this platform, which broadcasts in 80 different languages in 91 countries. If you advertise with the right target group and keywords, the demographic groups YouTube offers to you are for your brand will offer great benefits and gains.
  • YouTube is now also a television channel, the biggest in the world. The content you will present on YouTube and their promotion will offer the opportunity to promote you and your brand effectively.
  • Contrary to popular belief, YouTube ads are quite attractive. 83% of advertisements on Youtube attract the attention of users, while this rate is just 45% on the TV, the biggest visual platform. In other words, advertising on YouTube provides much more interaction and can be done at much more reasonable prices.
  • YouTube users spend an average of 40 minutes on YouTube every day. This is enough time to show your brand to the right target group with a successful campaign.
  • All users watched an average of 50 thousand product reviews on YouTube. This means a huge potential for your products or brand.
  • With the “JOIN” feature, you can offer special content to your followers to increase interaction and make money.
  • If you advertise on YouTube, which is owned by Google, many Google analytics measurement tools are also made available to you. In this way, you can get very important statistical information about your advertisements and targeting.

If you still need to be persuaded or want to get services on YouTube ads, please contact KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency.