Facebook Advertisements Management

Facebook Advertisements Management

Many of you may think, “Facebook has come to the end. It is generally used by people over 55 years of age.” However, we would like to mention that Facebook is still a platform that is used and spent much more time than is thought. It is the fourth most visited social media network in Turkey and the most visited in the world.

Think about yourself. Is not your Facebook page the first place you enter when you turn on your computer on the bus or in your office? Not taking part in such an important channel that has become a habit means missing out on many news, communication and customer potentials. For this reason, advertising on Facebook not only offers a great opportunity in terms of customer potential, but also brings your brand to the right target group.

The world of Facebook, which includes companies as well as individual accounts thanks to the advertising models it brought to social media, is one of the places where brand and customer communication is provided at the highest level.

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It should be noted that Facebook is an active and dynamic market with intense competition, where around 10 million people, brands or companies actively advertise. This figure is so high that Facebook has 19.7% of the total digital market advertising revenue.

In a platform with such intense competition, it is extremely important to act correctly by maximising the benefit. For this reason, many details and factors should be considered when advertising. As KREABAZ Digital Advertising Agency, we stand by you in this area and provide you with professional service on Facebook Ads.

How to Place Facebook Ads?

The opportunity to place Facebook Ads was provided with a gradually developing infrastructure. The adventure of Facebook Ads, which started with very superficial targeting, today has been transformed into a very important complex structure making use of coding, evaluating analytical data, and determining the right target group. Facebook Ads can be given in two ways, where professional management is required in order to place accurate advertisements and to develop optimum advertising campaigns

The first of these is to advertise directly through Facebook’s user panel. This option offers two choices in itself. The first of these is to use the “Promote” button that appears on your home page, as you can see in the image on the side. When you click on this, you will see a table of different advertising models prepared for different purposes. You can read and learn in detail what these models do and what they are used for. The second method you can advertise through Facebook’s panel is to use the “Featured Post” button that appears under an image you share. Both options offered on the user panel will provide you with filters and breakdowns. After making the actions and settings that suit you and that you think fit your campaign, you can publish your advertisement.

The second way to place Facebook Ads is Facebook Business, a system developed by Facebook specifically for this purpose. Anyone who wants to advertise professionally on Facebook must use Facebook Business. Facebook Business platform, which is completely free, allows you to manage your ads, applications, account methods, projects, target groups, analyses and all reports related to advertising from a single panel. You can also manage Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads, and WhatsApp Ads through this panel.

Of course, the use of the Business Manager panel, which offers so many possibilities of actions and services, is much more complicated than other advertising methods. In addition to connecting all the features including Ad accounts, pages, payment methods, and apps to each other, there are also a number of codes such as Facebook Pixel, Event Manager, Store Catalogue and Commerce Manager that should be added to the website and e-Commerce infrastructures. For this reason, we recommend you to work with a professional agency to have the right advertising management and get the maximum benefit from your ads. In this context, you can contact us for Facebook Ads Management.

After starting to advertise through these panels, other points to be considered are the content of the advertisement to be made, the region or countries where the advertisement will be displayed, and the correct definition of the target group of the product or campaign to be promoted. The correct analysis and calculation of the target group is the point where your money will be saved and you will get the maximum benefit with your budget.

Another issue of great importance when advertising is the advertisement images and videos. You need to properly introduce your brand, product and campaign to users within seconds. Of course, this is possible with an effective visual design.

Facebook Advertisements Management

Are Facebook Ads Free?

So, we are at the main question that everyone is most interested in. “How much do Facebook Ads cost?” It should be understood very clearly that you decide the budget you will spend while advertising on Facebook, regardless of whether it is just EUR 10 or EUR 1000. The important point here is to calculate the right budget in line with the right targets. The correct amount of your advertising budget is a criterion that will be effective on your competitiveness. If your advertising budget is too high or low, it can cause negative outcomes for you.

The main point you should pay attention to when creating your advertising budget is VAT. In line with the decision of the Revenue Administration, all Facebook Ads have been included in the scope of taxation as of 1 April 2019, and all advertisements currently made are subject to 18% of VAT (Value Added Tax). Of course, this tax is paid by advertisers. As soon as Facebook receives the payment, it collects 18% higher that the advertising budget payment to pay it directly to the Revenue Administration. So, you need to take into account the 18% VAT rate while creating your advertising budget.

In other words, the cost of placing Facebook Ads is to pay VAT at the rate of 18% of the budget you spend on advertising. Apart from this, there is no payment requirement.

Why Should You Place Facebook Ads?

Although many people do not realize it, when we say Facebook, we actually talk about many social media platforms that we actively use. Facebook, which was a dating site for only Harvard students in 2004 when it was founded, has become a company that is among the biggest brands of the digital world today and leads this field. Reinforcing its position with other companies it has acquired over the years, such as Instagram (2012), WhatsApp (2014), and To be Honest (2017), Facebook has become almost a monopoly in this market with the digital marketing methods it has brought to its platforms.

Today, there are 51 million Facebook users in Turkey, while the total number in the world is 2.23 billion. In this total, 1.47 billion users log in to Facebook at least once a day. Considering these numbers and the advertising rates mentioned above, not taking part in such an advertising and promotion channel and ignoring this platform with dense masses and brands not only means staying away from the age and technology, but it also means not taking advantage of a definite customer potential. For this reason, we recommend you to keep up with the digital age and contact us about Facebook ads.