Web Design Services

Web Design Services

What is Web Design?

Web Design is the graphic design of the website work consisting of visuals and texts created to reach people in the global internet network to introduce and explain the person, institution, product, service or any subject.

For a web design, you need an idea first. The website to be built is shaped accordingly. A web design that is not clear what it is made for remains ineffective in responding to the needs of people. For example, when designing the website of a law firm, the project is developed accordingly. Templates are prepared enabling users to access the necessary information by understanding the intention of the other party. In this way, the office becomes increasingly prominent and reaches people.


Websites are also created for hospitals. The designer may introduce the hospital and doctors and set up an easy appointment mechanism for prospective patients. It is very important to make websites that can meet the various needs of people. Web design is carried out in accordance with the community addressed. A design is created by considering the individual thoughts of this community. Site owners can market themselves in this way. Web design includes coding, organizing and publishing the page accordingly to promote individuals and institutions.

How to Make Web Design?

There are various ways to make web design. Since it is a graphic design, we can say that there are two basic ways. While the first way is to make the website by a digital graphic designer; the second way is to make it within certain arrangements through a ready-made template graphic work. In both ways, the goal is that the web graphic work is suitable for the relevant target audience and the relevant subject.

There are certain stages for web design to be made properly. These advantages can be listed as follows;

  • Project identification,
  • Identity research,
  • Graphic design studies,
  • coding,
  • Integration studies of the content owner,
  • Testing the website,
  • Publishing the website.

Upon completion of the above-mentioned stages completely and carefully, a website suitable for the needs of the people is designed. The project identification stage starts by determining the intended business of the site owner. A site can be designed for promotional purposes or a site can be designed for commercial activities. The moment the designer learns what is needed, s/he conducts an identity research on it. In this way, it prevents the emergence of an unnecessary situation on the website that people need. S/he can reach the outlines of the design using a color palette that will be suitable for the logo of the company. The design of the images to be used on the page is also made in this way. Designs that are not in harmony with each other may not be attractive to people. This negatively affects the appeal of the site. There are various different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python and ASP.


The designer chooses one of them and starts coding a website that is visible on internet browsers. As a result, the general outline and appearance of the page becomes clear. The owner of the website delivers his own materials to the designer to be used on this page. In this way, the content of the website is also completed. The site owner can change, add or remove the information used as s/he wishes through CMS software.


Tests are performed to check whether the website is operating correctly. Details that are overlooked can be noticed and corrected thanks to these tests. After the arrangements are finished, all that remains is to publish the website. The web design carefully made by the web designer is presented to the users. These designs, which require time and effort, have an important place in the designer’s self-development. There are many web designs made in different styles.

Why Web Design is Important?

Web design should be made by competent people as in other jobs. Web design business contains various dynamics and issues to be considered such as color harmony, correct font usage, visual sizes, page layout, visual and text ratio on a page, etc. These can be listed in many items as a snap, but the importance of these items cannot be listed in a snap while explaining yourself, your products or services to both your customers and your potential target audience in the digitalizing world.

It is not worth having only a website considering the rapidly increasing competition conditions in the internet environment. Explaining what you want to tell in a very fast and reliable language is ensured by the right web design layout. With the right UX and UI studies, it is of great importance that web design work is made by competent people or companies.

Web design must be compatible with the site content. The desig which is incompatible and sloppy causes people to have negative perspective about on the brand, rather than positive. This is also very important for the reputation of the brand. It is a situation that affects how customers perceive brands. Therefore, brands should continue to market themselves well with a good web design. In order for these designs to be proper, they must first be done by people who know their job. Web designs made by people who do not know the work push users instead of attracting them.

Web designs are made by brands for users. That is why it is important to figure out how they can use them comfortably. Comfortable navigation within the site means that people can spend much time and see their work. With the web design working in harmony with SEO, it directs forward in search engines. In this way, it becomes a site that many people click on as a priority.

The designed website acts as a customer representative. As long as users are satisfied with the customer representative, they continue to stay on the website. By researching the defined brand, they get what they want to be given on the website. In a world where fraudulnt events always occur, users want to feel safe. Users do not spend time on a website that feels insecure. This needs attention while designing the website. Knowing that competitors also work non-stop, it is important to ensure that web design remains up-to-date and innovative.

Why Web Design?

Web designs are made for the promotion of institutions, organizations or individuals. These designs vary depending on the people visiting the website. The design that suits the needs of different styles should be made. Web designs are a tool for website owners to show themselves to users. Website owners can introduce themselves in a beautiful and systematic way thanks to this. In this age of technology, it is very easy to research something online. Having a good web design of the websites found during such a search is like having a good shop. Users do not like to walk around mixed and dusty shelves.

It is quite enjoyable to browse websites that are organized and have a good design idea. Web designs that are carefully designed and can meet the needs of users are important for users. When users look at the website, they decide in a short time whether they want to leave or not. It is possible to make them stay with a good web design. It is not desirable to spend time on sites that are the result of a sketchy web design. People think that the owners will be like this by looking at these websites that are not emphasized and carelessly made. Thus, a good web design should be made for users to feel safe and comfortable.

What are the Basic Elements of Web Design?

Websites, the means of self-promotion of website owners, are designed within a certain framework.

  • Layout,
  • Color,
  • Graphics,
  • Font,
  • Content.

Designers create a template by paying attention to above. If they are chosen carefully, they contribute to the quality appearance of the website. The visuality that users primarily pay attention to should be provided here. The layout allows people to access the information they want without getting tired within the site. On complex sites, users get tired and do not want to visit that page again. The speed of searches in organized designs also increases. This is very important as time is valuable for everyone. Colors should be in harmony with the website owner’s logo and not strain the eyes. The selected colors evoke the logo and send a warning to the users. The use of colors that are compatible with each other address people’s aesthetic point of view. It is important to use graphics, logos and photos that have no effect on the speed of the website.

Colors may enable the users rest their eyes while browsing on the website. People are prevented from forgetting the logo while using the site. It is important to use the font that is suitable for the intended use on the website. It should be written in large fonts where it should attract attention. By choosing a font suitable for the purpose and seriousness of the site, the image of the website owner is drawn to the users. Because the web designs created serve as a reflection of their owners. The content on the site should consist of photographs and intriguing texts. It is not enough for the content to be good. It must be properly written and compatible with SEO. In this way, the website ranks high during the internet search. It is necessary to use keywords suitable for the subject of the content.

What Is UI Design?

UI is the abbreviation for User Interface. In the UI layout, the size, proportion and clarity of the website are the 3 main items of the web graphic design stage. Under these three main items, the UI layout should be done by competent experts with certain experience and training in order to ensure that the first and most important step is taken to reach the determined goals. In a different definition, UI is the design of every detail that appears on the website in a certain discipline and hierarchical order. Many variables including the following can be considered at this stage:

  • User-friendly design,
  • Visual dimensions,
  • Visual intensity,
  • Text density,
  • Clarity,
  • Mobile compatibility,
  • Layout,
  • Device compatibility in general,
  • Perspective,
  • Aesthetic concerns,
  • Colour harmony,
  • Usage habits of cultural and regional target groups,
  • Quick and easy to understand.

The items listed above can be considered as the main points to deal with in the UI design stage. Compliance of the website with these design principles can ensure the continuity of the process.

Web Design Services

What Is UX?

UX is the abbreviation for User Experience. Although UI and UX may seem like different terms, they are actually intertwined and complementary to each other. At this stage, the website graphic design process is the stage where it is tried to measure or determine the experience the target group has or may have while using the website. In the UX, or user experience stage, it is determined what kind of processes the users of the website experience, what kind of problems they are experiencing or will experience, and whether the desired message is given correctly in that part of the website. In this process, it is very important to pay attention to the following items.

  • Clarity of clickableareas,
  • Readability,
  • Device compatibility,
  • Mobile devicecompatibility,
  • Pellucidity of visualdimensions,
  • Clarity,
  • Ease of use.

If we would like to explain the UX and UI stages with an example, UI can be defined as the process of designing a coffee cup, while UX is the process of attaching a handle to this cup so that the hand of the person drinking the coffee does not burn.

The UX process is a stage that also covers the UI process. Taking both steps correctly, determining the targets accurately and identifying some of the problems that may be encountered at these stages ensure that the relevant website works correctly and the entity or real person who owns the website achieves the goal in the fastest way possible.

As it can be understood from the definitions above, the UX and UI processes are indispensable steps of correct web design and advancing these processes by experts is an important necessity to achieve the goals.