SEO Services

Ranking higher on Google is the simplest and colloquial term for the search engine optimization process. There may be dozens of resources and content to rank high on Google. These contents are about various methods and processes. Each one of them is essential and must be applied precisely.


In this article, we will discuss the basic elements that need to be focused to achieve higher rankings in search engines. These elements are basically on-site SEOand off-site SEO studies. All of these studies on search engines explain that our website has a value in its sector and that information can be accessed quickly and accurately. In this article, general information about on-site SEO studies will be provided.

On-site SEO Studies

On-site SEO studies are generally about the elements you can control on your website. With on-site SEO studies, the foundations of the investment you make in your website are laid. Before starting off-site SEO studies, it is recommended to complete on-site SEO. In this regard, the following steps are listed.

  1. Identifying keywords.
  2. Creating original content and use of keywords.
  3. Using appropriate metadata.
  4. Site or page upload speed.
  5. URL structure.
  6. Using appropriate and optimized images.
  7. Mobile search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Identification

Keyword identification and correct positioning within the site are the most basic steps. Studies such as sectoral competition, search volume, website traffic, competitor analysis, etc. come to the fore in this step.

Search volume shows the search rate of the keyword or phrases on a monthly period or a different period. Keyword search volume describes how that word or phrase is searched by users related to the relevant industry. It is for sure that analysis and research of experts in SEO service is an important point in identifying the keywords. However, having good command of the relevant sector and the requirements of the sector are as important. While there are dozens of paid or free tools in the industry when doing keyword analysis, Google Keyword Planner is the leading one. When identifying the keywords, you need to find the phrases that will bring you the most traffic and it is recommended that you do not work on words with low search volume.


Creating Content for Websites

Do not underestimate the content. Google and all similar search engines, together with their latest updates, show how important the content actually is for the web user. Whether you create a personal blog or news content, the quality and usefulness of the content is very important for both your audience and search engines. Search engines present the listing results to the user in a way that carries the most useful content to the top. Just as a factory manufactures products, the products of the search engines are the search results. For this reason, they constantly and regularly change their algorithms to highlight the best product, that is the content.


Long-Tail Keywords and Phrases

These types of keywords usually have less search volume or more than one Word including more general descriptions. Long-tail keywords are the specific elements that bring the right content to the right user. For example; using integrated building management systems rather than building systems are the right way to match specific queries. When creating content, long-tail keywords should be preferred as much as possible. However, it should be noted that meaningless phrases should be avoided when creating phrases. As we explained above, the important thing is to provide useful information and content.


Content Length

Whileit is important for search engines to a certain extent while creating content, it is not a case whether the content is short or long. While 3 or 4 sentences are sufficient for some topics or titles, even 10-12 paragraphs may not be enough for others. However, remember that it is almost impossible for weak or very short content to rank higher. If your content is going to be short, you need to do a very good keyword study.


Creating Original Content

What search engines dislike most is copied content. If you are planning to make a website with copied content and aim for higher rankings in search engines, you can be sure that it will remain just a dream. The more your content, your narrative, your focus reflects you or your organization, the more your website is considered special and valuable for search engines. You need to pay attention to copy content for your entire website, not just one page.


Use of Metadata

With the use of metadata, you define what is important and vital about that page in search engines. You present a summary of the content of the page to both people search and search engines. There are many technical details such as title, description, H tags, use of bold type.While some steps are required to be done by qualified search engine optimization experts, others are required to be completed by content creators. Remember the times you were in school! The title, introduction, development and conclusion parts of the content you will create for your website, like writing essays in Turkish lessons, are very important. Which Turkish teacher would evaluate an essay without a title?


Page Loading Speed

You have great content, tens of titles and unique images. However, the web user cannot access this content or access it late. Do you think users value the relevant content because they cannot access this website? Of course not! Search engines will not value a website that the user does not find worthy and not spend time in. According to statistics, the average waiting time of web users is 3 seconds. Websites failing to load for more than 3 seconds are not favored by the users. This will not change whether it is a web site offering content or an e-commerce site selling products.


URL Structure

Your URL, that is, your link structure, should be very simple, short and understandable. Creating your link structures with long and keyword stacks do not make any good for you, on the contrary, it will harm you and your goals. Search engines place more value on links that match the content and your titles.


Using Images

Even though search engines introduce new image search and recognition services, you have to explain what the relevant image is about. The names and meta values you give while creating your images are very important. For example, if the page you create is related to pet care, the names and metadata of the images you use in the page should be related to this. You need to show attention for any copied content. The name or metadata you give to your images should be as original and relevant to the content as possible. However, the more optimized the images you use, the faster the downloading speed of your website will be. Using a 3mb image in a page will negatively affect the loading speed of that page.


Mobile Compatible Website

It has been announced recently that websites that are not mobile-friendly will be punished through negative evaluations. Considering the mobile usage rates today, we can say that this is a good decision. It is also useful to consider both mobile and desktop while performing related website analyzes and search engine optimizations. The mobile-friendly nature of your site will move your website to higher ranks in search engines faster.

Assessment of Results

In today’s world, the search engine is now both a tool and an authority. Although mobile applications seem to replace websites, users will continue to use search engines without changing their search habits for a long time or until a new technology is developed.

This will continue to make search engine optimization a necessity, not a luxury. However, it should not be forgotten that SEO studies are processes that require patience and budget. To carry out this process correctly and to get the optimum benefit from these processes, it is necessary to get support from people who are competent in this field and to be in full cooperation with the institution or people from whom support is received.