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What is Mobile Friendly Website?

A mobile friendly website; that is, a responsive website is a web site that is positioned according to mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and whose design is arranged for the mobile device; in short, a web site that is adapted in compliance with mobile standards. Responsive means sensitive, compatible and flexible, but in the web world, this word is used in the sense of responding website. Within the scope of this responsiveness, many items such as fonts, image sizes, menu layouts, content layouts, CSS Style patterns, etc., are rearranged.

While mobile friendliness was previously offered as an extra feature for websites, it has become one of the essential web standards in the last few years. With this standardization, design trends and mobile website usage rates are increasing proportionally.

Mobil Internet Usage and Mobile Web Sites

The use of mobile internet is increasing day by day thanks to easier accessibility and new developments in terms of user experiences.

Mobil Internet Usage and Mobile Web Sites

Mobil Internet Usage and Mobile Web Sites

The rate is intensely increasing every year more than before. According to We Are Social 2020 data;

  • The number of internet users is 4%, or 2.4 million
  • The number of social media users is 4.2%, or 2.2 million.
  • The number of mobile users is 3.4%, or 2.6 million people.

As can be seen from the numbers here, mobile internet usage is increasing day by day. In line with this increase, the importance and usage rate of mobile compatible websites increases.

Mobil Friendly Web Sites and Google

It is reported that search engines pay more importance to user experience (UX) day by day and accordingly, websites that care about user experience are highlighted in search results. There are several main reasons why Google and other search engines make much of mobile-friendly websites and rank them higher in search results;

  • With the increase in mobile internet usage, mobile searches make up more than half of the traffic in search engines.
  • With the increase in traffic, the devices preferred by advertisers are shifting from desktop to mobile.
  • When the relevant website is not a mobile-friendly one, the duration and rate of users signing in the website falls down tragically.

Advantages of Responsive Design

  • The maximum time for potential customers or users to wait for loading a website is between 3 and 5 seconds. Considering this, the speed of mobile-friendly websites on mobile devices cannot be ignored. In other words, with mobile friendly websites you offer to your customers or users, you can turn them into profit thanks to the speed.
  • The main purpose of a mobile compatible website is to provide a more enjoyable and useful experience to your customers or users. This experience is brought to the highest level with mobile friendly websites.
  • Thanks to the menu layouts of the mobile friendly websites, which can fit in the limited screen size of ​​smartphones and tablets, you ensure that the content or information you present on your website meets your users with full performance.
  • Mobile friendly websites make purchasing processes faster and easier for e-commerce companies, and it brings customer-brand loyalty to the highest level.
  • Mobile friendly websites are more economical than mobile apps and provide an ease of use for users without having to download any apps.
  • As a result of the latest updates of Google and other search engines, mobile-friendly websites are moved to higher ranks in search engines. This supports search engine optimization.

Essentials for an Effective Mobile Website

To design an effective mobile website, you should build it on UX and UI, that is, user experiences and user interface. In the light of these, the following items can be listed.

  • Considering that a user can only wait for 3-5 seconds maximum for a mobile website to download, optimize your website specifically for mobile devices.
  • How does the user interact with the content that comes up with the quick downloading of the site? How many steps does the user take to reach the information or content they are looking for on the relevant website and how satisfied are they with the content they reach with this interaction being at the optimum level? The menu of the mobile friendly website should be very simple and target-oriented. You need to make everything visible so that the user can review the content, without having to enlarge it.
  • The steps of searching, filling out a form, and searching for a product or purchasing a product within the mobile friendly website should be fast and easy to use. In this way, the user experience is maximized and user loyalty is increased.

Mobil friendly Website and Evaluation of the Results

The success of a website is now measured by its compatibility and success on mobile devices. Considering how high the mobile usage rate is, mobile optimization should be the main goal of every website owner. To that end, Kreabaz expects you to contact us to renew your websites, where you offer your products and services as your first meeting place with users, at affordable prices within the most optimum time.