Developing Digital Advertising Campaigns

What is Digital Advertising?

First of all, let’s answer the question “What is digital advertising?” Digital advertising is the way of reaching the target audience by using certain digital marketing techniques such as internet networks, search engines, social media channels, digital publications, digital advertising platforms and websites to promote products, services or individuals.

If used correctly, digital advertising and digital marketing methods are much more effective and result-oriented than traditional marketing methods. With digital advertising models, which are both measurable, analyzable and manageable at more affordable budgets, targets become much more easily achieved.


Developing Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns

The phenomenon of success is as subjective in digital advertising works as it is subjective on its own. To determine the success, the limits of the relevant digital advertising campaign, digital advertising campaign budget, digital marketing channels, design studies and digital marketing target audience should be identified very well. Identifying these items accurately and realistically is crucial for achieving the targets. With correct and realistic identifications, success is sure to come.


Digital Advertising Campaign Budgets

When determining the budget for digital advertising campaigns, it should be known which channels will be used and which metrics and filters will be preferred within the media to be used. This is so important that when one of the two different brands from the same sector may get higher outcome with a monthly budget of 10 thousand Turkish Liras, while the other can only get half of it with this budget. Costs per click, impression rates and many similar metrics should be determined with simulation methods, depending on the channel to be used while determining the budget.

However, two points should be remembered in determining the digital advertising campaign budget. The first point is that digital advertising budgets are no longer as low as before. Almost every brand in a certain period, whether with professionals or themselves, is experimenting with a digital advertising campaign, and in this way, the demand is increasing regularly.

This increase in demand increases digital advertising campaign budgets. The second is that customers should be patient for a certain period regarding digital advertising campaigns. Although it is not necessary to wait for months like other channels (Search Engine Optimization – Except SEO), it may at least require a certain period of time for the campaign to settle and the results to be analyzed.


Digital Advertising Campaigns and Creative Works

There are tens of different channels and maybe hundreds of advertising model alternatives for each of these channels. For these advertising model alternatives, things get complicated when the desktop and mobile devices are included. Creative works should be organized for each digital advertising channel, both for the campaign, the target audience, the budget and the seasonal tendencies. Of course, the main dynamic we base on is to be creative.


Identifying the Target Audience

The target audience of each product will be different, and the digital advertising channel of each audience is different. While it may be useful for analysis to try all of them at once while advertising for product on social media, this will give way to loss later on. Products, audiences and channels should be analyzed very well and the right combinations should be tried. The average age of some media and the average income of the users change day by day, and this reveals the necessity of digital advertising campaigns to be created so dynamically. And this dynamic structure will sure to bring success.


Assessment of Results for Digital Advertising Campaigns

The importance and validity of digital advertising strategies are increasing rapidly with the rapidly growing user rates around the world, In the future, we will see a structure that is divided into two as brands that can adapt to this increase and those that cannot. To keep up with this speed and order, Kreabaz recommends that you as valuable brands and investors, should entrust your brand and investment to professional teams. We also recommend that you contact us so that we can tell you about our services.